02 May 2009

A Bit of Geographical Campaign Context. . .

Above is a quickly sketched map of the campaign area, showing (among other things) the location of the Saegewerkdorf battlefield, the Duchy of Schleiz, which was recently ceded back to the Electorate of Zichenau, and the location of the campaign area relative to other more important players on the European stage of the late 1760s.

While the map is not to scale, it purports to shows an area of about 200 square miles. Also absent from the map is an indication of the numerous small lakes that dot the region and the dense forests as well as the low, sandy, and rolling hils, which feature primarily in the south. For a more detailed descritption of the geography and agriculture of the area, interested parties are referred to early posts from the late summer and autumn of 2006.

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