17 May 2009

And suddenly, it's Sunday!

Where in the world did the last few days go? No painting since before the Grand Duchess left last Thursday and no Saegewerkdorf updates (Jeff has been a bit under the weather). Nope, yesterday it was mowing the grass for a good part of the afternoon. And here we are at the end of the weekend with student papers to read, and final course grades to tally and submit. Sigh.

Well, the one beacon of light in all of this is that a sample figure or two will be on the way from Garrison Miniatures tomorrow thanks to the good graces of proprietor Rob Young. I'm eager to see these in the flesh and, maybe, add some to the Grand Duchy of Stollen collection. We'll have to see. But it is certainly exciting waiting for the samples to arrive.

On a different note, my band The Indras has managed to land a gig at one of the premier nightspots in Bloomington (Daddio's) in mid-July, so we now have three appearances lined up for July and August. Best of all, the person in charge of hiring musical acts at Daddio's heard about us through word of mouth and contacted me! Usually with this kind of thing, it's the other way around. Quite a bit more money in a really nice venue with a great stage set-up make this date something terribly exciting to look forward to. I can hardly wait!

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Fitz-Badger said...

Time does have a way of getting away from one, doesn't it! lol
Cool news about the gig!


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