16 April 2009

Whites Almost Finished on Third Company. . . Whew!

Here is a photograph, showing where we stand with the 3rd Company of von Flickenhoffer's (currently masquerading as du Lepp's) Fusiliers. I'm getting reasonably good at approximating creases and shadows in cloth with my two-tone tan/white approach to approximating clothing spun from natural, undied (undyed?) wool. The rest of the painting should fall into place quickly since all of it involves relative small areas of coverage: mid-blue facings, muskets, musket barrels, crossbelts, a few straps, and so forth.

And here is a close-up of the company NCO along with the next General/ADC pair, who hover impetuously in the background, awaiting their basecoat of black gesso. I'm thinking of giving them uniforms based on those worn by Russian generals of the mid-18th century just to shake things up a bit. In any case, these two figures will provide a nice break between the third and fourth companies of the 80-figure fusilier regiment, which looks like it will be completed by early May. That little milestone will mark the near completion of the Electorate of Zichenau's army, if I have figured everything (ha, ha) correctly, except for that third squadron of plastic Revell hussars. Charge!!!


Stagonian Jeff said...

When are you going to post the photos of General Drednoz' troop deployments?

And when can we get the game started?

-- Jeff

ColCampbell50 said...


The fusiliers are looking nice.

and in light of Jeff's comment, above, I'm looking forward to the Stollenians (is that the right word?) beating the vile Stagonians and saving their sawmill.


Fitz-Badger said...

I really like the way you paint your minis! Yes, the tan and white method looks great! Like "black-lining" but less stark, more "natural".

(does undyed wool come from the Undying Lands? ha ha)

Martin said...

Hi Stokes,

Excellent painting (as usual)! They will make an impressive display on the tabletop.

Yeah! Go for the Green Czarist look for the next pair of Generals.
Seven Hundred Thousand Russians can't be wrong! (Well...it they are wrong, we took a vote and YOU get to tell them! Ha, ha, ha.

I'm really looking forward to the clash at Sawmill Villiage, and I hope that this time Victory graces the forces of Stollen.

tidders said...

The fusiliers are coming along nicely.

Looking forward to the Stollenian victory !

-- Allan


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