22 April 2009

General von Drosselmaier invites General von Drednoz to fire and/or move first!

After several weeks of shilly-shallying, gnashing their teeth at each other from across the battlefield, and making friends with the local "ladies", both armies have shaken themselves out and into deployment. Above, you can see the vile Stagonians, arrayed before the sawmill, which they have already occupied, d--n their eyes!

Here is a second view of the initial Stagonian deployment. General von Drednoz has not neglected to throw out a cloud of his grenzers near the left end of his forward line.

Here is an artist's rendering of that wiley company of the Umgraben Sappers, who have occupied the sawmill with orders to destroy the works inside, so no matter what happens, Stollen and it's troubled Grand Duke -- Irwin-Amadeus II -- will be denied its sawmill and the lumber products it produces. Grrrr. . .

Here is a picture of the du Lepp's Fusiliers, just joined by their third company as they assume their position in General von Drednoz's front line. Don't they look smart?

And across the field to the southeast? Well, here is a view of General von Drosselmaier's initial deployment. He too has divided his light troops (Jaeger zu Fuss) in half and positioned a company each on his flanks to deter any enemy surprises there.

Next, an interesting perspective -- the rear of von Drosselmaier's second line, held by that mutinous bunch of scallywags from across the field (in the distance) and Stollen's senior infantry regiment, the Von Laurenz Musketeers, who are drawn up in a rather deeper formation than is usual behind the Leib (Grand Duchess Sonja's Own) Grenadiers.

We see General von Drosselmaier and his staff here, recently finished with their evening meal and pipes, inviting General von Drednoz to move and/or fire first.

And finally, we observe the vile General von Drednoz and his debased subordinates. What treachery awaits the brave men of Stollen at the hands of such rogues?


Stagonian Jeff said...

Hmpf! Such "stuff and nonsense" about our Umgraben Sappers are NOT destroying the sawmill.

While it is true that they've loaded up all of the prime finished lumber that His Vileness desires for his Royal Rack, and have dismantled much of the equipment (sawblades, key cogs, etc.) and also loaded it on their wagons . . . they have done so for the PROTECTION of this key equipment.

It is well known that the lobster lovers are particularly inept on the battlefield and that they are more than likely to accidentally destroy the sawmill during the fighting.

Thus, for the protection of the key components of the sawmill, they will be conveyed to safety in Stagonia . . . to be returned once Stollen is safely in the hands of Stagonia.

-- Stagonian Jeff

Der Alte Fritz said...

Good luck to the Army of Stollen. May they defeat the Vile Ones.

Capt Bill said...

No matter how vile, they are magnificent specimens...

Anonymous said...

With the action about to start my mouth is getting dry. Glad I'm just sitting on the sidelines for this one - looks like it could be a blood bath.


John Clements said...

Wonderful stuff, Stokes. This is Old School Wargaming at its best indeed. Looking forward to the next instalment and wishing I could get my own army finished and into action.

A J said...

A lovely array, Stokes! Good luck to Stollen against the Vile Ones on the day!

Frankfurter said...

Lobsters, feel no pain!
Shoot forth a metal rain,
Erase this vile, vile strain!

(shouted from the woods by a stranger wearing a black kilt)

Bluebear Jeff said...

While I am hoping for a Grand Duchy victory, I can't help but wonder if the "turncoat" unit that switched sides did truly change allegiance . . . or is it a viciously vile Stagonian plot?

I do hope that they don't switch sides again in the midst of the battle.

Once again all of us in Saxe-Bearstein urge Stokes and all of those in his Grand Duchy of Stollen to beware of vile Stagonian treachery!

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein

PS, great set-up, Stokes.

Fitz-Badger said...

Excellent setup and pics!
Here's to a Stollenian victory!

johnpreece said...


some years ago you were kind enough to express a wish to emulate an old school game I was playing. I think with these pictures the roles are rversed. I am now in awe and envy of your set up.

well done, please keep on sharing the pictures.

tidders said...

The tension mounts; what will happen in the first move ?

I is on tenterhooks

-- Allan

Anonymous said...

Hmph! It seems that the Stollenian reporter covering this action for the local paper is sorely lacking in the objectivity department! The editor of said journal shall surely receive a foul-tempered letter from yours truly!

Yours etc.
Michael Campbell,
Independent City State of Caledon


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