29 April 2009

Confound those blasted dice!!!

Late in Turn #1, General von Drosselmaier gave the orders to his battery and two companies of Jaeger zu Fuss to fire on enemy troops within range -- from left to right across the battlefield, a squadron of hussars, a company of grenadiers, and a company of grenzers. Unfortunately, the dice did not exactly cooperate with von Drosselmaier's high hopes.

Most upsetting was the Stollenian battery of artillery (not shown), which was poised to inflict terrific carnage on General von Drednoz's first company of von Hirschbock Grenadiers. Sadly, the targeted infantry was 28"-30" from the battery, which meant that at least a "5" on a D6 was required for the battery to hit its target. Alas, no such number was forthcoming when the old bones were rolled, meaning that General von Drednoz can breathe a small sigh of relief. . . at least where this turn is concerned!

Meanwhile, Stollen's second company of Jaeger zu Fuss inflicted only the lightest of wounds on a the Stagonian hussars (shown in the photograph above), with only a single man, of the seven who were eligable, rolling a"5", the number needed to to hit an enemy at 6"-12" range. Of course, all hits are halved on cavalry, so the hussar concerned was only temporarily down, before his horse staggered quickly to its feet.

Finally, on the northern end of General von Drosselmaier's line, his first company of Jaeger zu Fuss (pictured above) managed to inflict two casualties on the enemy Grosfurzen Grenzers, with one figure rolling a "6" on an enemy 4"-5" away, and another rolling a "6" on an enemy who stood 8" away. So, of the eight jaegers able to fire, only two succeeded in hitting their targets. Not exactly an auspicious beginning, is it?

Greatly chastened, General von Drosselmaier retreated to his brightly colored pavilion for a large cup of coffee, two aspirin, and a lie-down. Before ducking into his comfortably appointed tent, von Drosselmaier peered briefly through his spyglass across the field toward General von Drednoz, who gnashed his teeth and twirled his mustache between his right forefinger and thumb before grinning fiendishly in the direction of his opponent. Perhaps the dice will be kinder to von Drednoz?


Stagonian Jeff said...

Wait until you see my return fire, Lobster Lad.

-- Gen. Drednoz

Andy Mitchell said...

It is of such rebuffs of the dice that stirring stories to tell the youngsters are made. Umm well, maybe not. At times like this I like to pretend to myself that the early phase of the battle is all about establishing the best position, the serious task of inflicting casualties comes later.

ColCampbell50 said...


May your future dice rolling be much, much better against the vile Stagonians.


Fitz-Badger said...

The Stollenians may not be the greatest fighters, but they look good doing it!
Still early in the battle though. They may still triumph.

Der Alte Fritz said...

I'm afraid that Stollen is doomed, doomed, I say.

It's all in the wrist my friend. Give dem bones some back spin. It always seems to work for Graf Frye when he is rolling against my troops.

A J said...

I find large dice work well. Itty bitty things just can't hold much luck.

Snickering Corpses said...

Since a half rounds up, shouldn't that one hussar be a casualty?

Stokes Schwartz said...

Ah! Good point Jonathan, I'll have to check the rules on that for future combats, but I think I'll let this one stand in the name of the game.

Best Regards,



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