01 March 2009

More than Half of Von Flickenhoffer Fusilier Regiment Completed!!!

Save for a few very minor touch-ups with some GW Goblin Green to the figure bases, slightly more than half of the Von Flickenhoffer Regiment of Fusiliers (Die Blauen) is finished! I made the push today to apply the gaiter buttons, touch up the black hair queues, and apply the coat of Future/Klear acrylic floor finish since the Grand Duchess and I are off to Mexico for Spring Break at the end of the week to visit good ol' Mom. . . the real artist in the family!

Here is an aerial photograph that provides a very nice idea of how much work has been
done. . . and how much remains before this monster unit is completely painted and finished. At this point, I've completed 42 of 80 figures, leaving just 38 to do in two batches of 19 figures each. While the glossy treatment is not necessarily to everyone's taste, I really like it for at least two reasons. One, it imparts that old school "toy soldier" look very nicely, just what I want for this project. And two, a glossy coat seems to make all of the colors richer and more vivid. Not a bad thing when we are talking about figures that are 1"-1.5" high. And of course a bright green gaming table surface helps too. I'll bet Jeff Hudelson can't wait to command these babies in our upcoming refight of Sawmill Village!

Here's another close-up of Feldwebel Drapp, now wearing his shiny coat of "varnish".

And here, we have a photo of Colonel von Flickenhoffer himself riding behind the line and observing the regimental color party with detatched interest. Next up: the 3rd and final squadron of the 11th (Prinz Albrecht's) Hussars -- Plastic 1/72 Revell Prussians. They will probably have to wait until after Spring Break though, but this week I will at least glue another company-sized batch of the RSM fusiliers to the plastic bottle caps, which serve pretty well as my temporary painting bases. Charge!


Steve Turner said...

At last! I get to leave the first comment.
As always, a great painting job Stokes. I hope you'll be keeping us in touch with Feldwebel Drapp's progress when his unit takes to the table? (Hope he doesn't get bumped off in his very first action).


tidders said...

Well turned out little parade. Nice flag too.

-- Allan

Bluebear Jeff said...

I'll have to wait since you're fleeing to Mexico . . . *grin* . . . remember to have a grand time . . . and "don't drink the water" . . . but the beer is quite good.

And the figures look quite good as well.

-- Jeff

Fitz-Badger said...

I voted "other" on the headgear. I would go with a Scottish "bonnet" first, but a black felt tricorne would be a close second.

I prefer a matte finish for my minis, but the glossy look works very well for your style and has some advantages as you say. Very nice-looking troops!

Via con Dios! Vamanos, muchachos! ;-)


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