31 March 2009

A Few Panoramic Views of the Positions. . .

By popular request, here are a few panoramic "artist's renderings" of the respective armies as they take their positions outside Saegewerkdorf, scene of the coming battle. In the distance, to the west, you can see the vile Stagonian army, still sorting itself out from the forced march to the field. And in the foreground, the Army of Stollen, under the craven General von Drosselmaier, awaits its fate.

Here is another sketch, this time of the Stollenian positions just to the east of Saegewerkdorf. Someone must tell those two sapper officers and that obnoxious little geezer on the drum to climb down off of their bottle caps. Why, it just isn't very manly!

Finally, here is a third sketch, by an obviously tipsy artist (You just can't find good help anymore, can you?), of the Stagonian positions to the west of the village. From bottom to top, the vile and varigated army includes: two squadrons of hussars, a two-compant battalion of grenzer, a four-company regiment of grenadiers, a two-company battalion of sappers, two-companies of a fusilier regiment, a two-gun battery, an independent company of infantry, and a three- squadron regiment of horse grenadiers. General von Drosselmaier across the battlefield certainly has his work cut out for him!


Steve Turner said...

Ah, now we see the whole picture.

Looks tough, but push on boys, and give 'em hell!

(Anyone taking bets on this one? I've got Stollen down as 2-1 favourites).


johnpreece said...

I think you have got the style of ths sort of game absolutely right. The whole table looks coordinated and a joy to play with. If I lived a few thousand miles closer I should be round for a game!

Are thse plastic trees? They look very good, are they available from anyone?


Keith Flint said...

Totally agree with John. There is certainly an artistic quality about your set up, Stokes. The minimalist terrain style perfectly sets off the richness of the figures.

You confirm something I have noticed since commencing SYW gaming, that selecting a lighter shade of green for terrain boards sets off the figures much better. I have had much good service from my TSS tiles but they fall down in this respect, being just a bit too dark in shade. I noticed this at the last show I attended - the lighter coloured terrain was much more attractive.

And now you've got me wondering if I should get out the satin varnish for my own figures. I like that shiny effect..

Have a great game, Keith Flint.

littlejohn said...

Indeed the dark clouds of battle are on the horizon!

...and again many thanks for your inspiring table that tipped me into going for the "Old School" look!

tidders said...

Nice to see the overall layout for the forthcoming encounter. I love those trees

Go Stollen !

-- Allan


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