29 March 2009

Across the field, the Stagonian army arrives and begins sorting itself out. . .

Here, we can see the Army of Stagonia as it arrives on the field and begins the complicated process of assembling itself into battle formation. From the look of things, this will be a tough nut to crack for Stollen!

Through a handy spyglass, an officer attached to General von Drosselmaier's retinue across the field spots the Stagonian commander and his staff. Aren't they resplendent in their white coats?

And here's another view of those vile Stagonians as they take their places.

Stollenian agents have indicated for some weeks that the Stagonian army was large, and this has proven to be the case. Here, you'll note, are five companies of infantry, a large regiment of cavalry, and a full battery of artillery.

But the Stollenian army has not been asleep all this either! The final drafts of troops ( a drummer, two sergeants, and two officers) have joined a newly raised battalion of engineers in von Drosselmaier's army. They need only two coats of Future/Klear acrylic floor finish before they are finished.

And here is a close-up of said drummer. As a member of an engineer unit, his uniform is not particularly fancy, but his drum hoops are indeed eye-catching!


Frankfurter said...

And how can good officers endure being under the command of the usurper, King Ludwig?

tidders said...

Super pictures of you growing collection.

The Stagonians look as if they mean business - so much fuss over a sawmill.

Lovely drummer.

-- Allan

Giles said...

A stirring sight, Stokes. Lovely to see them all out; you must be very proud!

Best wishes


Snickering Corpses said...

Eyecatching hoops indeed....however did you manage to paint those, Stokes? I'm still struggling with small objects like turnbacks. ;)

So many beautiful troops. Your collection is a sight to behold.

Martin said...

All of Raubenstadt is hoping the Stagonians run into a buzzsaw at the village. For if the Vile One takes over the saw mill today, what is on his list for tomorrow? The mines? The factories? GASP!! The distilleries?!

That is one impressive collection of troops Stokes! I look forward to the blow by blow as you and our Fearless Leader Jeff lock horns!

tradgardmastare said...

Let's hope the Vile Stagonians do not have any Infernal engines with them...
Set up looks great - I await the battle with interest!
best wishes

Conrad Kinch said...

Great stuff Stokes. They shall not pass!

littlejohn said...

A sublime and noble spectacle...even if they are Stagonians...

Fitz-Badger said...

The crowd boo's and hisses at the sight of the Vile Stagonians.
Then breaks into cheering as the Stollenians come into view.

The Soweiter League hopes for a rousing Stollenian victory (or, given recent performances, any victory over them...).

Bloggerator said...

Good-looking troops Mr Schwartz... as ever!!



Steve Turner said...

May I ask a question Stokes?
Any chance of a full view of the entire battlefield (say, from off at one side somewhere)? Just to see what the whole table looks like.
Love the figures.

Get stuck in there, and crack a few heads!


Stagonian Jeff said...


My computer is down (I'm using someone else's machine.

I'm not sure how soon I'll be back . . . but it will be a few days at least.

Allow me to echo the request for "full table" photos.

Sorry you missed my call on Sunday . . . I'll try again sometime next weekend if I don't have my computer back by then . . . right now I can't get email either.

-- Jeff

A J said...

Hetzenberg hopes to see the tide of defeat that has plagued Stollenian arms come to an end in the coming battle.

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