28 February 2009

Stollenian Army Quits Field!!!

The battle for Pickelhaubewicz over, Stollenian Colonel von Grundig leads the shattered remains of his army from the field around the village. . . and, indeed, from the Duchy of Schleiz, which now must be ceded back to the Electorate of Zichenau.

Colonel von Grundig, at the head of his troops, puts on a brave face, but he must surely be thinking of returning to the family estate in Courland and a rather more quiet life than he has enjoyed in recent weeks.

Meanwhile, from the heights just to the east of Pickelhaubewicz, Major von Hirschbiegel and his aide observe the departing Stollenians. Ever the gallant and fair victor, the good Major raises his sword in salute to his stalwart foes.

Here's a panorama of the whole scene as it unfolds. Imagine the shame von Grundig's men will feel as they march back into Stollen proper, toward the capital of Krankenstadt and their Grand Duke, Iriwn-Amadeus II. Well, at least the gun wasn't abandoned!

And as the sun sets in the west, what further (mis)adventures await the soldiers of Stollen? Which enemies will they meet on the field of Mars next? And what of Colonel von Grundig? Might he be coaxed from a premature retirement into obscurity? And if so, what tactical blunders might he commit? What opportunites for victory might he miss? And might the chance for a Stollenian victory against uneven odds be possible at this point given Stollen's 0-3 record in the last year? Tune in again right here to find out!


East Riding Militia said...

Great looking troops as always Stokes. Wish I had the time, space and resources to do something similar.

Fitz-Badger said...

Ah, 'tis a sad day for Stollen...

Snickering Corpses said...

Once again I'm reminded how truly gorgeous your figures are.

Jim Wright said...

Please allow me to suggest some available General Officers in case the retirement of General Grundig comes to a sad realization.

All have experience in commanding forces of a size like that of Stollen.

The candidates are listed alphabetically along with their last employer.

Bose, Heinrich, a small Hessian state.

Humbrol, Werner, a small Saxon state.

Liquitex, Etienne, France.

Newton, Pender, the United Provinces.

Polk, Jebadiah, a small German state.

Revell, Salvador, small Italian state.

Revo, Beano, a small Italian state.

Tivoli, Ceasaro, a small Balken state.

Winsor, James, England.

I am sure any of these outstanding Generals may be hired for a reasonable fee.

But let us continue to hope that General Grundig is not dismissed for doing his best.


Jim Wright said...

Oops, sorry. I seem to have prematurely promoted the good Colonel Grundig.

andygamer said...

I see the defeated forces were also allowed to fly their colours. Maybe that assuaged some of their shame.

tidders said...

How gentlemanly and courteous of the winning side. They even let them keep their weapons and colours.

-- Allan


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