22 February 2009

Reelin' and a Rockin'. . . .

Hardly John, Paul, George, and Ringo, but we still enjoyed ourselves immensely! From left to right, Paul, Steve, Kenny, and Stokes -- The Indras.

Yesterday afternoon/evening was pretty successful for our public debut . Unfortunately, we took the stage without our promised soundcheck and were a bit rushed, but our set of six songs went over remarkably well all things considered. The audience, who ranged in age from 3 or 4 to about 65-70, was highly enthusiastic and gave us a good response. There was even some dancin' and jivin' in front of the stage by younger audience members.

Various other acts were on the bill too, all equally talented. Who would think that a bunch of people with advanced degrees, who have made a life of studying, writing, and professing would display such a surprising array of talent? Certainly not our students, many of whom, I would bet, were taken by complete surprise.

Over $300 US was raised for the McLean County Autism Society too, so it was an afternoon well spent. And the student organizers of the faculty/staff variety show were very helpful and professional in they way they ran everything. I'm eager to work with them again next year.

As an added plus, The Indras have some pretty good sounding video of the perfomance (thanks to the Grand Duchess), which we should have up on the band's MySpace page and YouTube in a day or two. So, you'll be able to experience the performance if you'd like. Ok, now let's get back to those RSM Fusiliers!


FYI, the following tunes made up our mini set:

Some Other Guy
Honey Don't
Lawdy Miss Clawdy
Blue Suede Shoes
Kansas City/Hey, Hey, Hey

1 comment:

Bluebear Jeff said...

I'm glad that it went well . . . and I hope that Irwin Amadeus' troops can hold the Sawmill from those most vile of invaders, the Stagonians.

-- Jeff


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