25 January 2009

A Communique from Major von Hirschbiegel. . .

At the Field Headquarters of Major von Hirschbiegel, the young officer with the flag of truce is kept waiting for several minutes, perhaps in a show of superiority, but more likely so that a tailor may quickly sew the appropriate additions to the uniform of the second officer of the Grenadiere zu Pferde and may locate the various commanders in the confusion of smoke that cloaks the village and firing lines, so that Zichenau may present the appropriate number of unit commanders present behind the Major when the young courier is received. It wouldn’t do to show any weakness.

The missive delivered, a period of calm and quiet extends as Major von Hirschbiegel dispatches a courier of his own towards the west, to bring news of the situation to the main army as it continues its advance towards the field of battle, and convenes a council of his officers. Upon completion of the council, a missive is delivered to the courier for return to von Grundig. . .

My Dear Colonel von Grundig,

I must applaud your grasp of the situation and clear regard for the life of your men in recognizing the clear superiority of our position upon the field and conceding the glorious Elector’s unquestionable right to these lands. Having no greater wish for unnecessary squander of life upon this field than yourself, we accept your concession of the village and most heartily approve of your request to collect those unfortunates of Stollen who have fallen here defending their sovereign’s will.

In recognition of your hopeless but valorous conduct, we respectfully direct that your sword be returned to you, and express our hope that your government shall recognize the wisdom of your recommendations to them and restore to our glorious Princess her rightful lands.

If it meets with your approval, we recommend that the Wolmar-Bock company in the Electorate’s employ be detailed to act as overseer of the collection of wounded and fallen, and serve as a safeguard against impolite action upon the part of more hot-headed men than ourselves of either army.


Major von Hirschbiegel

Electorate of Zichenau


Snickering Corpses said...

Besides being a non-hot-headed third party, the Wolmar-Bock of course have the benefit of being the only Zichenau unit not having suffered any casualties, and thus will make the best appearance of strength.

Bluebear Jeff said...


We fear that news of this defeat will only spur those vile Stagonians in their desire to claim the Sawmill as their own.

-- Jeff

A J Matthews said...

A shame Stollen was defeated. I was kinda rooting for them. Better luck next time.


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