08 December 2008

Two very different Christmas Images Today. . .

Yep, you can't argue with that. Just above, is an image of Santa Claus from, I think, the late 1940s, probably what many, if not most, of us (at least here in the United States) have in mind when we think of the big, jolly guy who brings presents to children around the world on Christmas eve. Strange, how many of our enduring Christmas ideals stem from either the Victorian era or roughly the mid-2oth century -- The Depression and World War II periods.

Just below is another image of the Russian Grandfather Frost. Now, I'm not sure at all myself, but I am curious to know, so please chime in if you do. Does Grandfather Frost truly have his roots in Russian folklore, or was this something dreamed up by the Soviet authorities during those times of trouble? In any case, you can't argue with the magical feeling he invokes with his staff and opulent robes.

And yes, more to come from the unfolding Action at Pickelhaubewicz later this evening after the workday is through and dinner has been had. Classes might be over, but there is grading to do, some more translation proofreading, a newsletter to compile, and a few other things on the table, either literally, or figuratively. And I added another two painted fusiliers to the bunch last night, bringing the unit to six. Gosh, only 74 more figures to go! And I was worried it would take a long time to paint all of them.


Bluebear Jeff said...

That Grandfather Frost image is wonderful . . . and, yes, the Coca-Cola Santa is an American classic.

-- Jeff

tradgardmastare said...

Not sure about Grandfather Frost myself - a bit like the bad guys from the first Conan film !
Game looking great and sage advice re painting.
best wishes

Der Alte Fritz said...

Wouldn't your painting speed increase if you used the assembly line method? I assume that this is your normal modus operandus. Painting individual figures one or two at a time takes longer. The only time that I do this is when the figures are all completely different, such as the Black Scorpion Pirates that I painted last month.

I usually paint one figure from start to finish to get a better feel for the figure and a sense for the order in which I paint all of the bits and pieces.

I agree with Alan, the Father Frost looks like James Earl Jones in the first Conan movie, very sinister.

Herzog Ignaz said...

Дед Мороз is a case of parallel cultural evolution. Originally a rather grim fairy-tale figure in the perilous and arbitrary spirit of Baba Yaga, in the 19th Century he evolved into a Yuletide giftbringer suspiciously like St. Nicholas. It is of course possible that he was a Slavophile reaction to German cultural encroachments.

The Soviets, after initially campaigning against Дед Мороз, enrolled him after World War II in their Russification campaigns in eastern Europe, embracing him in order to displace the St. Nicholas observances which had grown up over the centuries in parts of the region susceptible to German influence.


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