10 December 2008

Things Don't Look Good for Stollen's Jaeger zu Fuss!

While the 1st Company of O'Malley's Irish Grenzers took some casualties (four) at the end of Move Seven, they managed to inflict almost double that number on Stollen's Jaeger zu Fuss (seven) in the ongoing struggle for control of Pickelhaubewicz. Just off camera to the left, in the village itself, the flamboyant Major von Hirschbiegel can be heard chuckling smugly to himself and issuing new orders for Move Eight. His confidence shattered and his battle plan apparently failing, the increasingly dour Colonel von Grundig, conversely, shakes his head, comtemplates the dice in his hand and asks, of no one in particular, "Why?" Rather than order a general retreat, however, the Colonel perserveres and issues new orders to his men since this insignificant little coach and postal stop is the only thing remaining between the white-coated hordes and the Greater Zwischen River, the last easily defensible geographic feature between the Zichenauer army and the Grand Duchy of Stollen itself!


Der Alte Fritz said...

My how star crossed the Stollen army is! Looks like another battle comes a cropper for Stollen, I'm sad to say.

A change in commanders is probably inevitable. A certain Hesse Seewald officer, Colonel Quintus Icilius may have to offer his services to His Crustaceaness.

What if a certain red coated squadron of dragoons in the upper right corner of the picture happened to ride down onto the flank of the Red Grenzers?

Stokes Schwartz said...

A nice idea, but that dastardly "Major von Hirschbiegel" always seems to be just one step ahead of me!

"Colonelvon Grundig"

Der Alte Fritz said...

Then it is time to start using "velocoraptor tactics" and hunt him down in threes or pairs - if he turns one way to meet a threat, then he exposes himself to a threat from the other directions.

Combined arms sir, combined arms.

Fitz-Badger said...

Oh dear, oh dear, things are not only not looking good for the jaegers, but for all of Stollen, methinks!

Snickering Corpses said...

A dastardly Major von Hirschbiegel is much relieved that the dice fell his way after a nasty scare when first finding his Grenzers standing alone in front of most of the Stollenian force.

Having had a closer view of the action upon arrival in town, the dastardly Major is attempting to remember that there is terrain around him and he should be making use of it.

Capt Bill said...

I agree with Der Alt Fritz, its all about combined arms. Keep up the great pictures and reports; very inspirational...Bill

Bluebear Jeff said...


Ignore the other advice given . . . there is only one tactic to consider now . . . and it may be a devastating one for the poor Zichenauer boys.

I speak of the ultimate tactic . . . let the Grand Duchess throw the dice for you!

If that doesn't work, I fear Stollen is doomed.

-- Jeff

Andy Mitchell said...

The dice know more than we give them credit: when did Jaegers ever beat Grenze infantry in a fair fight? I'd be painting Grenze infantry myself if I could find a figure for them that I liked.


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