31 December 2008

Move Ten Begins. . .

At the start of Move Ten, Major von Hirschbiegel and Colonel von Grundig rolled two dice each, to determined what, if any, random events might occur. Von Grundig rolled a 5 and a 3. Poor von Hirschbiegel rolled a double 2, meaning that a random shot killed the commanding officer of a unit not currently in melee. The good Major then rolled another die to determine which unit took the hit. Unfortunately, that unit was the Grenadiere zu Pferd, which had just suffered five casualties thanks to enemy musketry at the end of Move Nine! Badly shaken, the horse grenadiers turn tail and withdrew half a move to the rear, in order to collect themselves.

Meanwhile, across the battlefield, the Stollenian Jaeger zu Fuss withdrew a few inches, where they formed up in open order on the left flank of the von Laurenz Musketeers.

The the northwest of Pickelhaubewicz, both squadrons of Stollen's 4th Dragoons are closing with Zichenau's 11th (Prinz Albrecht's) Hussars. Here, you'll observe Sqaudron A charging to contact with the enemy hussars and Squadron B coming up behind in close support.

Back on the heights, to the immediate east of Pickelhaubewicz, Colonel von Grundig's half battery of artillery awaits orders to fire on the village church once again.

Below the artillery position stand the von Laurenz Musketeers in an immaculately dressed line, awaiting the enemy approach.

And here, we see Colonel von Grundig's aide de camp, Major von Schenker, who has been sent northwards where he will cross the Greater Zwischen River into the Grand Duchy of Stollen proper. Once there, he has orders to proceed north to the Stollenian capital Krankenstadt with a dispatch that advises the Grand Duke and his household to prepare for evacuation of the city at a moment's notice if word arrives of a Zichenauer victory at Pickelhaubewicz.

Finally, we see another general view of the battlefield before Major von Hirschbiegel makes his orders for this turn known.


Bluebear Jeff said...


Once again I urge you to consider 'writing this battle up' for BATTLEGAMES.

You have many wonderful photos . . . and, especially considering that this is a BATTLEGAMES 'Teaser', I suspect that Henry might well want to publish it . . . you should at least inquire.

Finally, I hope that you and the Grand Duchess Sonja have a delightful New Year.

-- Jeff

tradgardmastare said...

The excitement mounts once more...

Steve Turner said...

I really like the paint job on the Stollenian Jaeger zu Fuss. Exactly how a light infantry unti should look.
I'm a bit of a fan of the old "Kleine Krieg", so most light infantry units get the thumbs up from me anyway.
(Hope the thumbs up sign means the same over there as it does in the UK).


Snickering Corpses said...


Stokes and I had already been talking about doing a joint write-up of the game for Battlegames. We shall see what comes of it, but we're both interested in the idea.


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