31 December 2008

Move Nine -- Musketry and Arillery Fire Resolved. . .

There was carnage all around at the end of Move Nine as the forces of Major von Hirschbiegel and Colonel von Grundig came to grips! On the southern edge of the battlefield, Major von Hirchbiegel's Irish Grenzers and Colonel von Grundig's Jaeger zu Fuss inflicted four and two hits on each other respectively.

And nearer to Pickelhaubewicz, the good Major's Grenadiere zu Pferd took five casalities thanks to a blistering volley from the Colonel's von Laurenz Musketeers, who are just off camera here.

Meanwhile, Colonel von Grundig's half battery of artillery managed to inflict three hits on the enemy grenzers, occupying the village church. For ther part, however, the grenzers did manage to score two hits on Squadron B of Stollen's 4th Dragoons.

Finally, the Zichenauer grenzers occupying the double-touwnhouse in the northwetern corner of Pickelhaubewicz also brought down one member of Squadron B, 4th Dragoons. So, for this turn at least, Colonel von Grundig's luck with the dice seems to have turned around. His troops have managed to inflict a total of ten casualties on the forces at the command of Major von Hirschbiegel. However, the gallantry and courage of von Grundig's men, to say nothing of their skill at arms, has not come without a hefty price. The Zichenauer forces, for their part, have also managed to exact damage on the small Stollenian reconnaisance force, scoring a total of seven casualties in all this turn. Can the Action at Pickelhaubewicz get any more exciting? Just wait until the start of Move Ten to find out. . . You won't believe your eyes!

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Snickering Corpses said...

The poor abused Horse Grenadiers. Like so many other elite formations in wargaming history, they just keep taking it on the chin in this fight while the Hussars and the Grenzers seem to be getting all the glory.


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