29 December 2008

Move Nine Continued. . .

Major von Hirschbiegel moves some of O'Malley's Irish Grenzers into the building in the northwest of Pickelhaubewicz, meaning that all four buildings in the village have been garrisoned by Zichenauer troops.

Major von Hirschbiegel orders the 11th (Prinz Albrecht's) Hussars to wheel north to meet the attempted outflanking movement by Stollenian cavalry.

It seems that a cavalry clash on the northwestern corner of Pickelhaubewicz is likely.

Here, we see a general view of the situation, taken from the the northwest. Why, it's a scene that could almost come from the pages of Charge! or The War Game!

Here is a second panoramic shot, this time looking toward the southwest. All of the troops deployed on the table are now in play. You'll see that the Wolmar-Bock Regiment, near the top center edge of the photograph, has come up behind Zichenau's Grenadiere zu Pferd and is presently being held in reserve by Major von Hirschbiegel. Even with artillery support, it looks to be a difficult task of dislodging the good Major's Newts and the Irish Grenzers, who are now comfortably ensconced inside all four village structures. Can the end be far off for Stollen's Colonel von Grundig and his ragtag assortment of troops? Surely, his superior, the craven General von Drosselmaier, would not be pleased with the way things have developed at Pickelhaubewicz. Von Grundig therefore makes the difficult decision to dispatch his aide, Major Rudolf Michael von Schenker, to the capital Krankenstadt. His mission? To carry a message, suggesting that it might be a good idea for the Grand Duke, his household, and the Stollenian government to vacate the city.


MurdocK said...

Hmm. the Stollen generals seem to have some trouble managing the battlefield situation...there is still time, and precious little of it to retrieve the Stollen predicament!

Bluebear Jeff said...

Perhaps a friendly nation (such as Saxe-Bearstein) should send an army to reinforce you or threaten Zichenauer . . . thus forcing them to pull their troops back.

I'm sure that, if requested, Saxe-Bearstein would lend its aid . . . but is there enough time?

-- Jeff

Der Alte Fritz said...

Stokes old bean. I hate to say it, but for the good of the Duchy, I think that it is time to... cheat? 8^)

Alls fair in love and war, eh?

Failing that, drive off that cavalry and then give those redcoats a whiff of grapeshot at close range. It worked for Napoleon.

Koenig Friedrich II of Germania still holds open his offer to dispatch some experienced officers to the aid of Stollen.

Snickering Corpses said...

I find myself forever torn between my good and honest Hesse-Engelburgian support for Stollen and the necessity of giving valiant service in my role as Zichenau commander. I'm never completely satisfied with which side to cheer for.

andygamer said...

Oh, look at that, squire, I just rolled another four sixes.

But seriously, maybe the Stollen government should send the field army a few more guns if they want to retake the town?

tradgardmastare said...

Could indeed be a picture from The Wargame or Charge! You and Jonathan continue to keep us all on the edges of our seats.
The Duchy of Tradgardland would be delighted to offer support in any way she can. There are some good commanders amidst those of less experience or interest with the Duchy of Tradgardland. The Duc de Padirac is currently in Scotland. When that affair ends ( perhaps an unfortunate choice of words knowing rumours regarding him at Court) he could be prevailed upon to help... He is interested in the science of the Earth and collecting the bones of ancient dragons -what we know now as fossils. Does the Duchy of Stollen offer opportunity for his interests to flourish as well as a chance for him to advise in a military capacity. Has Stollen ever contemplated raising a mixed Legion- the Duc is has much expertise in such areas.
best wishes

tidders said...

The battle goes on, in the tradtion of Charge and the Wargame - so nice to see.

-- Allan

Snickering Corpses said...

andygamer: In that regard, the good army of Stollen is at the mercy of the scenario chosen. Each of us picked, without showing the other, a force of 6 units (squadron/company/gun) from available forces.

As it turned out, I went with 1 squadron light cavalry, 1 squadron heavy cavalry, 2 companies line infantry, 2 companies light infantry. Stokes chose 2 squadrons dragoons (Stollen has no light/heavy cavalry currently), 1 company line infantry, 2 companies light infantry, and 1 gun.

Doubtless all remaining guns and troops are being deployed to the riverbank that, if memory serves, forms the last barrier between this town and the capital.

A J Matthews said...

It looks all too bad for the Stollenian forces this day. Time, perhaps, for an orderly withdrawal to fight on another day?

Der Alte Fritz said...

Stokes may have to purchase and assemble one of those Vauban Forts from Paper Terrain so that the Stollen army has somewhere to fall back to.


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