15 December 2008

A little snow and ice this morning. . .

Well, the translation is finished and sent, so now all there is to do is wait until the publisher gets back to me. So, it's on to the next big task for the season. No, not gift purchases, which are almost finished anyway, but tallying and submitting final grades for my students this past semester!

Grading is a thankless and tedious task if ever there was one. Lots of calculator use with checking and double-checking of numbers (groan). However, it is tempered by the fact that cold weather has returned, giving us a slightly more wintry outlook this morning. The house is decorated, there is a fresh stollen upstairs in the kitchen, and neither the Grand Duchess nor I need to go out anywhere today. Life is good!

Now, above is another pre-Christmas graphic culled from the internet. This time, it's an illustration of Tchaikovsky's nutcraker come to life. Honestly, it's a bit weird, but I like the hussar garb of Herr Nutcracker and his readily apparent self-assuredness.

And who knows? Maybe I'll have some time this evening to get back to the game between me and Jonathan!


Herzog Ignaz said...

This looks more like a scene between Princess Pirlipat and the Nutcracker from Hoffman's original tale than an illustration of anything in the ballet, which barely has enough plot to give anyone unfamiliar with Hoffman's story any idea of what is happening or why.

Still a great piece of holiday music in spite of (or maybe because of?) its deliberate impenetrability.

Der Alte Fritz said...

Stokes: what kind of translations do you do?

Stokes Schwartz said...

Herr Ignaz -- Thank you for the added information. It didn't exactly look like a scene from The Nutcracker.

Jim -- I translate literature and historical non-fiction from Norwegian into English. I've also done technical translation from English to Norwegian many years ago, but that was a hellish exercise since I do not have a technical background.


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