23 December 2008

How does Saint Nick do it all in just one night?

Why, with his team of special reindeer of course! And in honor of those reindeer, here is a long overdue illustration of these magical animals. I imagine that the team of elves in charge of logistics is making sure that Dasher, Dancer, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, Prancer, and Vixen -- oh, and that young upstart Rudolph -- are well-fed and ready to go at dusk tomorrow evening.

Meanwhile, over in Shipping, another team of elves is surely making final adjustments to this year's cargo of toys and goodies before they are loaded onto the sleigh. Loading a sleigh is never an easy job, and every inch of space must be utilized somehow while still leaving room for the driver and several fur robes to go over his lap. This year, I've read in Mechanics Illustrated that the elves in the Technical Division at North Pole, Inc. have finally added a GPS unit to the sleigh, to track progress and help streamline the journey a bit. The Board of Directors at NP, Inc. decided earlier this year that it was high time for the operation to enter the 21st century.

Over in Production, the rest of the elves are working double shifts to fill remaining orders. And of course, at the head of it all is the big man himself, the head honcho -- Saint Nicholas -- who is making a final check of his famous list in the main office. Yes, I'm sure it's an extremely busy time at the North Pole just now. When I close my eyes, I can just about picture it.


Captain Brummel said...

Dear Stokes
here's wishing you a very happy christmas, and lots of stollen.
thank you for the hours of pleasure your blog has given me over the past year.

Muenster, Germany.

littlejohn said...

All the best Stokes! Your are an inspiration to us all!

tidders said...

Looking forward to following your blog over the coming months.

Merry xmas and a happy new year

-- Allan


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