26 December 2008

Happy Day After!

As my maternal grandfather used to say over his glass of scotch and water, "Happy Day After!" I hope you and yours had a delightful Christmas Day and are now enjoying the quiet of the immediate post-Christmas lull.

Things have been relatively quiet here at Stollen Central today. The Grand Duchess has been off visiting some distant family in Champaign this afternoon, leaving me free for some painting. With the few hours available, I have been able to just about finish the first company of Flickenhoffer's Fusiliers -- the final infantry regiment making up the Army of Zichenau.

The figures still need their moustaches highlighted brown, the colors of the flag must be gone over with paints to make it rigid and ensure that the computer ink colors do not fade with time, which will also cover up the white paper at the edge of the edges. Finally, the requisite two coats of Future/Klear must be applied, and then the first company of the regiment as well as the regimental staff of four (Colonel Antonius von Flickenhoffer, his adjutant, the RSM, as well as the regimetal satndard bearer) is all finished. Then we only have 57 more figures of the regiment to go in three companies of nineteen figures each.

Anyway, the photo above shows where we are at the moment with the regiment. Now, I must, must, must get into the next room and get back to Move Eight of the Action at Pickelhaubewicz, which has been languaishing for over two weeks, so I can send some results to my partner in crime, Jonathan Broadus, allowing us to progress to the end of the turn and onto Move Nine.


Bluebear Jeff said...


Did the Grand Duchess give you any figures this year?

-- Jeff

littlejohn said...


Do you mount your figures all individually for painting? I noticed the bottle caps...it works for me with 40mm stuff but I have not tried it with 25s. Best Wishes for the Holidays!


littlejohn said...

and may I humbly second the scotch and water "cure" for the holidays...


tradgardmastare said...

Figs look good Sir ! Did you get inspirational reading material for Christmas?
I watched a super documentary on "Blackadder " last night and I fear some relatives of his may appear in the Saschen-Vindow Army.
Did you like the seris - I wasn't too struck on the first one - loved brian blessed though. The other seris were fantastic...

Stokes Schwartz said...

Thanks for your comments, men! Strangely, I received no figures or wargaming reading material this Christmas. :-( Well, I guess the Grand Duchess figured that I had enough figures from the previous two years, some of which I am working on now.

Best Regards,


Martin said...


The Fusiliers will be the LAST Zilchenaur unit?! Say it ain't so!
(You realize of course that we're counting on the zen-like relaxation that painting provides and the addictive properties of Future Floor Wax to change your mind!)




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