19 November 2008

We're saved -- The cavalry has arrived!

Just a fast update this evening -- work on the second squadron of hussars and hills/rideges for the November 29th play-by-e-mail game between Jonathan Broadus and myself continues apiece -- Today, my celebratory gift to myself arrived from the Dayton Painting Consortium. 29 Austrian cuirassier troopers and officers along with an English bugler and two extra officers (Austrian and a Prussian, one of which will be converted to provide a standard bearer) plus 31 standing horses. Hurrah!

I must give a plug to the DPC and Richard Masse here. Richard was extremely helpful and answered all of my inquiries via e-mail promptly, even making a few suggestions since I wanted a bugler for the regiment, but there is no Austrian figure fitting this description. He also corresponded with me about the planned order while he was away from home base on business. On his return, the order was finalized and dispatched to me this past Monday, arriving in the mail this afternoon. The figures were well packaged, surrounded by lots of pink styrofoam "peanuts", and to a man, every one arrived in good condition. I think that a few other dealers out there could learn a thing or two about customer service from the DPC. Thanks and hats off to Richard!

At any rate, the figures were purchased with some of the money paid me by Henry Hyde of Battlegames fame (Thank you again Henry!). Now, some of you might remember my nattering on here a month or so ago about how to spend part of my windfall. More Spencer Smith cavalry? Some of the new Zvezda plastic Swedish dragoons? And so forth. In the end, I can place the blame squarely at the feet of a one Mr. Jeff Hudelson of Vancouver Island, BC, who pointed out to me that, since I already like the RSM figures, and, given their very reasonable price and good proportions, that it might make the most sense to go that route. Which, in the end, is what I did. So, a special thank-you to Jeff as well!

Now, just when these figures will be assembled, base coated, and painted is another matter. Sometime this coming winter I hope as I have a large 80-figure regiment of RSM Prussian fusiliers waiting in the painting queue immediately behind the current Revell hussar project. Since Chirstmas break is coming up, and the fair Grand Duchess and I have about six weeks free, I am planning to tackle that little project once classes end for the term next month. Keep in mind, that these fusiliers were last year's Christmas gift to me from Sonja, but with packing and the move last winter, spring, and summer, well, you know how these things go. The best laid plans and all. . . ;-) Sleep well ladies and gentlemen!


Bluebear Jeff said...

You are very welcome, Stokes.

And, yes, I've had very good service from Richard as well. And I also appreciate the elegance and economic friendliness of the RSM95 figures.

I'm just glad that you don't have to have these figures painted in time for your battle with Jonathan.

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

How promising!
Envious compliments.
Speaking of the cavalry, what about your project of painting Napoleonic Chasseurs à cheval in the light blue and pink pattern of the trumpeters of the Guard Horse Artillery?


Martin said...

Hi Stokes,

So....the funds used to recruit the new squadrons were "taken out of Hyde", eh?! Ha, ha, ha. So is the Grand Duke anticipating a high casualty rate in the impending conflict and is bulking up the recruit depots in advance?

That is going to be a sartorial marvel by the time you're done with them. I've always liked the look of large numbers of heavy cavalry on standing horses.



Andy Mitchell said...

I have to agree with Martin: these troops certainly tick all the right boxes. One piece of customisation that I think would add to the look of the regiment might be to change the officer's right arm position - which atm looks a little dynamic compared to the troopers.

I've not tried to do anything this major myself yet, but I have been wondering about doing it on Stadden hussars when I get round to light cavalry.

tidders said...

Yummee ! Those will keep you busy along with the fusiliers.

I'm sure you'll have many ahppy hours of painting ahead of you

-- Allan

A J Matthews said...

Excellent figures from DPC, as always. Thanks for showing the picture of them, Stokes. I intend to buy some Austrian cuirassiers in the fullness of time, and you've shown me exactly what I'll be getting. =)

Stokes Schwartz said...

Thank you fellows for you kind remarks and encouragement.


Darn! Wish I could get them painted in time for the coming battle, but that's life I suppose.

Hmmm. . . Don't know about that, but the light blue and pink might make an appearance on the bugler for this regiment of heavy cavalry.

Yes, Stollen needs some (eventual) heavy cavalry, and Mr. Hyde came through at just the right time.

Well, let me see how the converted standard bearer goes first. If that works like I hope, then maybe I'll take a stab at repositioning those right arms on the officers.

Yes, MANY hours of painting await me in the coming months! Of that, I am sure.

Glad to help. I went with the Austrian cuirassiers because they come with the swords cast as part of each figure, whereas the Prussians need the swords glued carefully into their right hands, and I find doing this more than a bit tedious. Plus, it's awfully hard to get a uniform appearance for the unit. Finally, this "joint" is a potential weak point once figures are painted and in use on the table. And reglued/repainted figures never quite look as good as the original work.


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