29 November 2008

Move Five -- The Situation Darkens for Stollen. . .

Well, Move Five began well enough for Colonel von Grundig, whose squadron of 4th Dragoons galloped back through Pickelhaubewicz, coming into contact with Zichenau's 11th Hussars, meaning a second cavalry melee is in store.

But on the southern edge of the village, things were not so good. As you can see, Major von Hirschbiegel marched his Irish Grenzers into town, exposing the Stollenian dragoons to flanking fire from several marksmen.

Finally, Zichenau's Grenadiere zu Pferd galloped between Pickelhaubewicz and the copse immediately to its south, cutting off the 4th Dragoons from their infantry and artillery supports, which are still moving up the road that approaches from the southeast. Needless to say, a sick feeling immediately came over Colonel von Grundig when he recognized how the tactical situation had changed in the blink of an eye!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Yup, Zichenauer is "getting there firstest with the mostest" . . . which doesn't guarantee them a win; but it looks bad for the 4th Dragoons.

Solution . . . route the Hussars and pursue them beyond the city limits.

Now the question is "will the dice comply with this course of action?

-- Jeff

Fitz-Badger said...

Oh dear, things aren't loking good for the Poor Stollenians (Stollenauers?).


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