14 October 2008

RSM95, Spencer Smith, MiniFigs, Huzzah, Minden. . .

A 30mm Spencer Smith cuirassier for the War of Austrian Succession. Of course, the figure would serve well for a variety of other mid-18th century ventures too.

Just a very quick update before I return to the translation, which is now slightly past the halfway point (muted cheers). And my due date is at the end of November.

On a wargaming related note, I received payment today for my article in
Battlegames #13 last summer, and it is a rather handsome sum if I do say so myself. Henry Hyde pays his contributors well -- very well indeed. And that cheeky devil even suggested that I spend it wisely in his accompanying e-mail!

Hmmm. . . Now, what could I do with this wonderful infusion into the Stollenian and Zichenauer war budgets
? What might you Stollenian faithful suggest? Oh, decisions, decisions!

Addendum. . .

Hello there Jeff and Greg,

Well, all of these ranges have their charms and advantages. But I haven't really decided what to purchase yet. So, it's probably better to sit on my "war chest" for the moment.

I like the Spencer Smith cuirassiers, but I am worried about them reaching me undamaged, something that was a problem a year ago when I had some sent from the U.K. to the Grand Duchess in Berlin, Germany. Mindens are lovely, but expensive, and given the US Dollar's recent poor performance, I'm afraid a purchase of Frank's figures will have to wait for another time. He hasn't done cuirassiers yet either.

MiniFigs are charming in their way, but the 25mm miniatures tend toward large-headedness. Huzzah figures are limited to Prussian infantry at this point, and it's cavalry that has me excited at the moment. Of course, I do like the RSM95's, and the range of figures available is pretty extensive, but the necessity of gluing the swords into the hands of the Prussian cuirassiers makes for tedious work. And this is a weak point that might be subject to breakage too.

Finally, figures by older manufacturers like Suren are a bit on the large side for my 1/72 Revell plastics, and Holger Eriksson have no cuirassiers. What a heavy cavalry connundrum!!!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Given the prices of the various figures mentioned in the title of your post, I would have a clear suggestion.

RSM95s are elegant figures and an exceptionally good value . . . I know that you like them . . . go RSM!

-- Jeff

Bloggerator said...

I fear you have already decided and are just teasing us.



Der Alte Fritz said...

There is no law that says that you have to attach the RSM swords to the figures. I don't and they look just fine. Cavalrymen spend more time with both hands free than they do with weapons in their hands. BTW, if you ask for the "heavy cavalry sword" this is very sturdy and won't break off unless you really try hard to break it. Also, the hilt is open between the handle and the pommel so it fits right over the hand. Easy peasy as they say.

I also use the RSM swords for some of the Suren cavalry or Suren officers or anytime that I want to do a minor sword conversion.

Note that on RSM dragoons, you can see the hilt of the sword sheathed in the scabbard. So even though the hand is open, you don't have to put a weapon in it.

Frankfurter said...

Just wondering, have you taken a gander at the latest release from Zvezda (I think that's the company doing the Great Northern War) ... I"ve heard good things about them, and they seem to mix will with Revel ... now if only I could find out how to harras Revell into reissuing ITS figures ...

A J Matthews said...

I agree, RSM would be the way to go. Interesting point Alte Fritz made about the cavalry swords. I'll bear it in mind for my next order with them.

Snickering Corpses said...

Stokes, would it help if I took a picture of the RSM Cuirassier for you? You may already have a photo, but I figured I'd offer if not. I've got one bag of them myself.

Marc said...

Stokes - I thought you were going to use Zvezda cuirassier conversions - what happened? Is this a drift towards metals away from plastics? Just as Zvezda release their Swedish dragoons as well, which paint up very nice.


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