21 September 2008

An hour with the hussars!

Sounds like a grand book title, doesn't it? Anyway, I managed to get in a bit of time late this afternoon before dinner with the Grand Duchess. You'll see that I've colored the saddlecloths and mirliton wings crimson. I also completed the hair on the troopers and two officers, The former have plain brown while the latter have the usual "powdered" white. I also had enough time to apply the yellow lace to the trumpeter's saddlecloth. Troopers will have yellow lace, officers gold.

Now, I have a questions for those of you with more experience painting 18th century hussars. Was the top of the felt/cloth mirlton colored? Or was the rest of this peculiar headwear, besides the wing, left black? I'd sure appreciate any information you might be able to provide. None of the various books I have on the subject provide any information, visual or text description, on the matter. Thanks in advance for your help. And now, unfortunately, it's on to a stack of student papers. But I'll revisit Battlegames #14 later as a reward for my pains!


MurdocK said...

I have found some images to answer your Mirlton question Stokes.

Check out: MurdockS MarauderS

tradgardmastare said...

Excellent work Sir!I await their riding across the table with enthusiasm.
best wishes
p.s thanks for answering my fantasy question.

abdul666 said...

A grand book title... or a confessed wish from some (Monte-Cristan?) lady?
Now, let other Arms of Service ignore envy: we have in France a traditional song from Lace Wars times about "La Marquise et les 80 Chasseurs"...
Hour hussars look more and more glamorous!
to be honest 'Chasseurs' in this song means 'hunters', NOT 'Jaegers', alas...


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