06 September 2008

Breaking News. . .

Here we go! Thanks to Andy for directing me to the Zvezda website where this image comes from. If it's anything to go by, these look like really nice figures with lots of different possible uses .

Just learned via the Plastic Soldier review (link at right) that Zvezda is poised to release a new set for the Great Northern War period, which might have application beyond that for 18th century devotees: Swedish Dragoons of Charles XII. No photos of the box art yet, but I might just have to order a set or two when they become available. We'll see if PSR posts a review of the set contents before too long.


Bluebear Jeff said...


While I've still never tried any plastics, I've really liked the look of the Zvezda GNW figures that I've seen on PSR.

This is definitely something to keep an eye on.

-- Jeff

Martin said...

Great News Stokes! Rumor Control has it that an Artillery of Peter I set is also scheduled to be released sometime in 2008 as well!
I've got two Dragoon Regiments, the Hayburningnags and the Roadapplegang that just moved a little closer to the front of the painting line. Whoo-hoo!

Snickering Corpses said...

I don't know if it's box art or just a picture they grabbed, but one hobby shop has a picture to go with the set: http://www.dragonmodelsusa.com/dmlusa/prodd.asp?pid=ZVE8057

A J Matthews said...

Stokes, I recently re-read your article on plastic figures in Battlegames magazine and it definitely got me thinking in terms of getting some. I'll be keeping an eye out for this range.

CWT said...

I've never really seen the Plastic Soldier Review site before - thanks for highlighting the link!


andygamer said...

Your wish is my command, Stokes:
The Zvezda Swedish Charles XII dragoons are in production. There isn't a very good picture of the box contents, but I would think a full review will be up at the Plastic Soldier Review a.s.a.p.


And as they will have coat turnbacks, they should be useful for mid-18th Century heavy cavalry too.

Marc said...

Very nice. But Stokes, given that you would not use the latest Italeri Austrians as you felt they were "too late" for your fantasy period, will you be able to use these or will they be "too early"?

Me, I may well use all of teh GNW range just for variety from teh Revell figures, but my "fantasy period" is quite wide ranging I suppose.

Marc said...

Oh, and Andy - thanks for the link. Always good to see new Zvezda products. PSR had mixed feelings about the GNW range but, compared to the Revell offerings, they are very fine fellows indeed.

andygamer said...

My pleasure, gentlemen.

And I think that it was the Strelets GNW figures that didn't get the best ratings from PSR, marc, not the two Zvezda boxes.

They're superb so using the Swedes as mid-century types with coat turnbacks and the Russians as loose skirt types (like the French until the SYW), will work fine.

Oh, and because both sets have 3 or 4 pikemen in each, it gives you a bunch of potential standard-bearers or pole-armed officers extra.

Marc said...

Andy, looking at the sprue I will need a horse holder or two so I will look again at the pikeman to see if, sans pike, he will fit the bill. Down to uniform really, and how much paint will cover.

But PSR were a bit down on the Swedes due to lack of fine detail, but they look good to me. I really don't get the Strelets by comparison I'm afraid.

Sorry Stokes for hijacking your blog.

Snickering Corpses said...

If you click on the sprue, you get a larger view. Looks like one officer, one trumpeter, one standard, and 3 each of 4 mounted poses, plus 3 each of 1 foot firing pose.

Bloggerator said...

Stokes, there are pictures of painted examples on the Zvezda website.



Marc said...

Roll on the artillery - I really hope they follow the trend of the Naps sets and provide limbers and caisson as well.

Might even stop Stokes having to buy metal cannons.

Now all we need are those cuirassier conversions that have been threatended on this blog for a long time (hint hint)


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