16 September 2008

A Bit More Hussar Progress. . .

I played hooky from grading student papers this evening so that I could paint. And you know what? My conscience doesn’t hurt me one bit!

So, here are three picture updates of the first squadron and regimental staff. If you look very closely, you’ll see the crimson breeches peeking out from under the blue dolman and pelisse combo and as yet still black “schwaraden”, the leggings that came up to the mid-thigh. I think I might paint these yellow just to brighten things up a bit.

I also did the white base on the plumes plus the silver sabers and bronze trumpet. So, these fellows are beginning to look a bit more like soldiers and less like small hunks of plastic with black gesso all over them! And now, it’s beddy-bye. My neck and shoulders demand it. Sleep well, men!


CWT said...

An impressive regiment is shaping up. I especially like your painting on the horses - something I always struggle with.


A J Matthews said...

Painting cavalry has always been my bugbear job too. You're doing a fine job there, Stokes. I look forward to seeing them in their final glory.

Conrad Kinch said...

Onward hussars! I always find it very hard to motivate myself when painting cavalry, they just take so damn long. I'm considering brown spray for my next bunch and then pinning the chaps on later.

May I recommend some Hussar related reading?

The Point Of Honor by Joseph Conrad
http://librivox.org/bookfeeds/the-point-of-honor-by-joseph-conrad.xml (audiobook version)


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