08 August 2008

Seems like I'm not a complete HTML idiot after all!

My conscience hurt me this morning! I had a comment from Jim “Alte Fritz” Purky, imploring me to add a working links section to the Grand Duchy of Stollen blog, something I’ve avoided doing for the last two years. It’s not like others haven’t tried to move me in this direction either. Jeff Huddelson tried repeatedly to help me with the process a couple of years ago, but I just couldn’t work it out to save my life.

Well, as a very wise professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison said to me when I was a graduate student some years ago, “Sometimes it just takes a while to mull things over unconsciously and even having a second or third look at whatever type of problem you are wrestling with.” And so it has been the case with simple HTML code!

Anyway, to make a long story short, I’ve added a functioning links section, which you’ll see at right. I’ll continue adding to it as the mood strikes me, but these are my favorites that I check every couple of days. I’ve also added a couple of rather shameless links to my band site – The Indras – and another to my consultancy website. You can also now contact me directly via e-mail, without having to search for it, if you’d rather do that than add your comment to a particular blog entry. So, it seems that the GD of S blog has just become much more user friendly. Thanks to Jim and Jeff!

n the wargaming front, I’ve printed out about 28 chance cards, which feature a selection of really neat 18th century soldier prints/paintings gleaned from the web on the backside with the random event text on the front side. As per Jeff’s suggestion a day or two ago, I’ll visit Office Max later today and purchase a lamination kit, to make my cards sturdy. They are standard business card size by the way. I’m also going to paint my extra four 2’ square MDF river sections this evening since the Grand Duchess is joining friends to watch the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics in Beijing. The games just lost something for me when the governing body decided to allow professional athletes to participate back in the early 1990s. :-(

So, I’ll have some photos of the finished chance cards, RSM soldiers, and table here for you to ogle here in a day or two. In the meantime, here is one of the prints I’ve used to jazz up my tactical chance cards. Have a nice weekend everyone!


Der Alte Fritz said...

I did not realize that I had so much influence over the court of Stollen. :)

MiniWargamer said...

I had an instructor once who had started out as an air corps enlisted type in WW1 teaching machine gunnery. He was a Maj Gen in the AF Reserve when I knew him. He always used to say you should carry around 3x5 cards so that when you got an idea you could write it down. He went so far as to have laminated ones for use in the shower! His comment was "an idea is like a cue ball floating through the ether...."

Keith Flint said...

Stokes, I don't get your comments about adding a links list being difficult. I bow to no one in my level of computer illiteracy, but Blogger makes the process as simple as just typing in the url of the sites you want to show.

Correct me if I've got the wrong end of the stick here!



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