13 August 2008

Back to Normal. . .

Things are just about back to normal here in Stollen Central, and the excitement has just about died down.. The soldiers are put away, carefully packed in their plastic tubs, and the gaming table is apart and stowed for the time being. I use the same room as a practice space for our oldie band, The Indras, so I couldn’t leave the table up indefinitely.

So, it’s back to converting and painting. Lots of it over the next few months! Yep, there’s nothing like a good game to reignite one’s enthusiasm. So, in the top photo, we have those plastic Zvezda Saxon cuirassiers that still need new Revell Austrian heads in three-cornered hats. Gotta get cracking on those since I took that little detour to paint up the Wolmar-Bock Regiment a couple of weeks ago.

And behind those, stand about 80 RSM Prussian fusiliers, which will become the second BIG regiment in the Electorate of Zichenau’s army. Some of you might recall that the Grand Duchess gave these to me for Christmas 2007 last year. Anyway, they'll eventually take the table along side the Ermland Garde (The Newts), Freiherr Wilhelm’s Pioneers, and other unit assorted units. It’s gonna be busy for a while here in Zum Stollenkeller!


Grimsby Mariner said...

There's reigniting the hobby as you say - but then you've gone for the full afterburn effect!

I'm always impressed by your ability to convert the figures to your individul needs.

A J Matthews said...

An impressive array there, Stokes. Good luck with the painting and I look forward to seeing them all on parade.

Bloggerator said...

Hi Stokes - just read your article in BG13.

Congratulations, I enjoyed it very much.

Greg Horne

Bluebear Jeff said...


Yes, I also read your article (some time ago . . . and I forgot to let you know).

It was a good informative read . . . and has given me so ideas as to where I might try using some plastics.

Thank you!

-- Jeff


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