09 July 2008

A Tedious Step Finally Finished!

A head on shot of the entire 32-figure battalion of Freiherr Wilhelm's Pioneers. They have really come alive since completing the shirt cuffs and facings.

Above, you see a picture of Freiherr Wilhelm’s Pioneers as things now stand. All facings and turnbacks have been colored red. The collars, in keeping with the Osprey Men-at-Arms illustration of mid-19th century Austrians pontoniers on which I’m basing my figures, have been left out. Not anything you miss or that looks unfinished on these particular figures.

Unfortunately, I must take an evening off to take care of some paying writing projects I’ve been putting off. When I return to the painting desk, the next items on the agenda are the white shoulder belts, supporting the cartridge pouches, as well as the smaller leather and canvas straps that support the haversacks and canvas shoulder pouches.

Still eagerly awaiting Battlegames #13, to see myself in print. Alas, nothing yet. Sigh. And my subject matter? Well, you'll just have to wait and see. After all, I don't want to scoop myself you know. ;-) Enjoy your day men!

Here's a close shot of a company officer, the battalion drummer, and a company NCO.


tradgardmastare said...

What is your magazine article about?

Steve said...

..already read it Stokes, and a more erudite and informed article it would be hard to find.... ;o))

guy said...

Hi Stokes,

They are looking v smart. I will have to re-read some of my uniform books to find something similar to break up the massed regiments of my Prussian musketeers. Perhaps a colourful garrison regiment might be suitable.

Without sounding smug, I received my copy of battlegames over the weekend and yours was the first article I read. Congratulations are certainly due and I hope it encourages others. It is accompanied by some excellent photos although it would have been interesting to see a completed painted converted cavalryman. I think the painted ones on show fighting the spencer smith cavalry are the Revell austrian dragoons.

This photo was however most helpful to me as it showed the rear of the figure. I was a bit uncertain how I should paint the sadles etc. I am nearing the end of 80 prussian dragoons which has proved a bit of a painting mountain. However I have passed my painting tipping point when they really come together and I am just now putting the final touches to them and correcting errors. So shortly the 1st and 5th dragoons will be varnished and based up. I have the flag for the 5th while the 1st will have to wait until I put in my next order. From what I read the 5th are a v famous regiment so I confidently expect them to rout early on the first game they take part in.



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