13 July 2008

A Sizzlin' Summertime in the Grand Duchy!

This photograph gives you not only an update of where we stand with the painting progress of this particular unit, but also how nicely the Revell plastics work with the RSM95 metal figures.

To begin with, Phil Olley has just added another update to the Broadside section of his War Cabinet website, featuring some lovely additions to his 18th century cavalry. Take a gander at: http://www.warcabinet.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/.

Second, after some oppressively warm and humid weather here in Central Illinois, we have a much cooler and more comfortable day today, so the Grand Duchess and I can get in part of a bike ride later this afternoon, which was rained out yesterday. We were scheduled for 67 miles in the annual “Pedaling for Kicks” ride, which is organized and put on each year by a local church. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate, and we had thunderstorms with heavy rain for several hours during the morning. :-(

And finally, here is a photograph of Freiherr Wilhelm’s Pioneers with their new shoulder belts and straps in place. Not much left to paint now, just a few things like the colonel’s horse and saddle cloth, the drum shell and hoops, and small metal bits, plus some of the inevitable black lining touch ups between the belts and straps! Grrrrrr. . .

If life cooperates, I hope to have these all finished by mid-week. Then, it’s on to another RSM general and his ADC, some work on the planned wargaming table, and a return to those long delayed Zvezda heavy cavalry conversions, which I want to finish (after almost two years) and paint before the weather begins to cool at the end of September. Charge!


Bluebear Jeff said...


They are looking very good. I presume that this is one of those units that did not have hat tape.

-- Jeff

Grimsby Mariner said...

67 miles! That's more than a wee jaunt on a bike isn't it?

However, the painting progress looks great. Keep it up Stokes.


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