29 July 2008

A Reply to Von Meckern. . .

30 July 1768

My Dear von Meckern,

Thank you for your dispatch of the 29th. I am pleased to tell you that my army awaits the arrival of your troops. We will place your company on the left flank in the second line of infantry in the order of battle.

In a week’s time, I will begin moving the army northward, further into the Stollenian interior. Various reports have reached me, indicating that the Army of Stollen, under General von Drosselmaier, occupies a dispersed position around the small town of Pelznikkel.

It is my intention to surprise von Drosselmaier and destroy his force before it can organize and offer genuine resistance. I have long known von Drosselmaier, and his capabilities on the field of battle do not worry me.

Once we have defeated the Stollenians, the postal road into Krankenstadt will be open, and we can force Irwin-Amadeus II to sue for peace. Our Princess Antonia III will then reign over the Duchy of Schleiz again.

Please inform me of your arrival immediately upon reaching Zollamtstadt where I will remain for the next week, so that I may present you to the other officers.


General Phillpe de Latté

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