29 July 2008

Princess Antonia's Personal Reply to de Latte. . .

30 July 1768

My Dear de Latté,

Thank you for your communication of the 30th instant. I am pleased to know that your plans do include actually advancing on Krankenstadt sometime before the current campaigning season ends. It is imperative that you do so as soon as possible! Irwin-Amadeus must be brought to justice! The Duchy of Schleiz must be returned to its rightful monarch. . . namely me. And it must happen before the winter snows drift across the frozen River Zwischen. Our territorial integrity depends entirely on you, de Latté. Do not let Us down!

As for your other news, yes, by all means “groom” the young von Meckern. I am quite certain we can find some way to employ him beyond the fields of Mars. Summer is warm and tiresome here at my summer residence, Liebhaberinske, and I grow weary of the affairs of state. My ministers and staff all patronize me, and I have no real person to entertain me. It is a peculiar kind of ennui from which I suffer always at this time of year. Perhaps the young von Meckern is just the antidote? He is a handsome specimen I trust? At the very least, von Meckern might be useful in the acquisition of certain information about Stollen. We can discuss the particulars when next you visit me here in three weeks’ time.



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Bluebear Jeff said...

I suspect that soon the new game table in Zum Stollenkeller will be "Christened" with it's first battle.

May the Lobster Claws arise in defense of the homeland!

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein


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