28 July 2008

Happy Monday Everybody!

I simply can’t believe how rewarding the wargaming hobby is. This is what I always read in Military Modelling and Miniature Wargames (when I could find them) as a long-haired, teen-aged Stokes, but I didn’t really think it was possible.

Fast forward 25 or more years. The Grand Duchy of Stollen project is right about 2 ½ years old now. The related blog is slightly less (dating from August 2006, I think), but sometime in the night, we rounded the 30,000 visits mark. And it’s indescribably cool to be part of the worldwide network of friends and acquaintances that has developed thanks to this blog and others. Who would have thought this back in 1982 or ‘83? Certainly not me.

So, before going any further, I must give credit where credit is due and place the blame with Greg Horne in Australia for his article on blogging in one of the first issues of Battlegames. It was this piece and Greg’s Duchy of Alzheim blog that started me down the road all of us are traveling together. “Eccentric” is the term the Grand Duchess once used to describe me, but I suspect that I am in good company among you Stollen regulars!

Next, are a few photos of my buildings above especially for Charles Grant, who was interested to know if there were ruins inside my model structures. Some of you will recognize these photos from before, but what the heck. So, Charles, here you are. Enjoy!

Finally, the Olympic “Grassy Meadow” latex is dry today, so I can start the river sections on those four extra squares, which means I should probably cut out some 5” wide templates – that’s the length of my bridge span (the middle section). And those 21 RSM French aren’t looking quite as sloppy as I thought Saturday night. In fact, with the work I did yesterday (lots of slow, painstaking black lining), they look pretty good if I do say so myself, but somewhere along the way, I missed the speed painting boat I'm afraid. I’ll try to wrap them up this evening and take a few photos to post here.

In the meantime, I’ve got some real life stuff to take care of today (phone calls and writing), so the solders will have to wait until after dinner this evening. And there’s this little 30-mile bike ride I want to take if the rain holds off. . .


Adik said...


a new table, new buidlings, lots of painting... you are on a roll! A well-deserved 30,000 mark for your blog visits, congratulations!


Fitz-Badger said...

Wow, to hear from the likes of Charles Grant!
As for eccentrics, they are highly regarded citizens in the Soweiter League!
Always good to see more pics of people's terrain and buildings and minis and all.

CWT said...

Congratulations on the 30k milestone. Well deserved, anyway - I really enjoy reading your latest postings.

Oh, and the buildings are great too, but that goes without saying!


Grimsby Mariner said...

30,000 visits - an achievement to be celebrated.

And the reason why you've had so many visits?

Because we like what you do.

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

...blogging and OSW; I sometimes liken it to being in a very large (virtual) wargame club of wholly like minded individuals... cracking isn't it..? :o))

Capt Bill said...

Keep up the good fight...Bll

Giles said...

Many congratulations, Stokes. Tasty buildings too!

Best wishes



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