30 July 2008

A Dispatch to von Wilkewiczeske, Personal Minister to Irwin-Amadeus II

Pelznikkel, The Grand Duchy of Stollen

31 July 1768

My Dear Herr von Wilkewiczeske,

As the closest minister to our troubled Grand Duke, I write to you asking that you might intercede on my behalf.

Currently, my small army is spread thinly around the town of Pelznikkel, just two days march from Krankenstadt. My forces consist of a regiment of musketeers, a battalion of jäger, the Leib (Grand Duchess Sonja’s Own) Grenadiers, a regiment of dragoons, and a battery of field guns. Most of these troops are good men but unseasoned and therefore of questionable value in a pitched battle.

Alas, I fear they are not enough by themselves to stem the tide of Zichenauers now reported to be advancing northward. I beseech you to act on my behalf and request that the Grand Duke and his war ministry dispatch a veteran regiment or two of line infantry along with a regiment of cavalry forthwith, so that the Army of Stollen might enjoy a numerical advantage over its enemy. My officers would then be better able to reverse the course of this protracted, albeit sleepy, campaign and eject the Zichenauers from our own Grand Duchy of Stollen, putting an end to their claim on the Duchy of Schleiz once and for all.

Please send a reply at your earliest possible convenience, but exercise the utmost caution as the territory between the capital and Pelznikkel is rumored to be riddled with enemy agents. Any courier you send stands a good chance of capture or delay due to enemy activity in the area.

Your Loyal and Most Obedient Servant,

General von Drosselmaier


Major Wittering said...

Hi Stokes

This correspondence sounds as if it'll end in a fight, mark my words.

So - great!

I just wanted to say, as you've posted some really helpful comments on my blogs, how much I've enjoyed "The Grand Duchy." I only came across it about a week ago, but I've read through the whole thing, beginning to end, and enjoyed every word. Your dedication and patience are remarkable, and you're building an enviable collection of figures. I check your blog at least once a day, usually more often. Keep it going, sir.



Martin said...

Hummmm....So the general may need some help pulling the chestnuts from the fire, eh? Does the Duke have a set of "battleclaws" for his lobster outfit? Now there would be a unique miniature to model!


Bluebear Jeff said...

I suspect that the good general is getting desperate, don't you?

Noel -- good to see your Mendelstadt flag adorning your comments.

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein


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