15 July 2008

A Banner Day!

Yesterday was a banner day here in Stollen Central. Issue #13 of Battlegames (at left) finally arrived, containing my article – my first in a wargaming publication --and a few photos extolling the virtues of 1/72 plastic figures. Henry presented everything extremely well, and I’m terribly pleased. Needless to say, it was exciting to open the magazine and see something I’d written right there on the page. Otherwise, BG13 is another fascinating issue chocked full of interesting stuff, and I read until very late last night.

If that weren’t enough, Charles Grant’s Wargame Campaigns also arrived from Caliver Books yesterday. Lots and lots of neat ideas to read and incorporate into the Grand Duchy of Stollen here. A highly useful purchase! I’d recommend the book to anyone interested in ongoing wargame campaigns, historical or imaginary.

Salsa class went swimmingly last evening! We spent half an hour perfecting the relatively easy "Meringue" (done in 2/4 time essentially), incorporating a variety of spins and turns done by the female partner. We actually did very well during this portion of the class. Then, it was onto the more difficult "Salsa", done in 3/4 time, which makes things more complicated. It's a real challenge to think not only of your footing but then to try and work in turns and twirls too. And all without missing a beat. Whew! Next week is our final class, but we've learned from our instructors that the local Clarion Hotel features Salsa dancing every Friday evening in the lobby. So, guess what we will be doing Friday next?

No painting last night. I took an evening off to read and spend time with the Grand Duchess, who is suffering from a slight summertime cold. We watched a few really bad episodes of some current German TV series (on DVD) that the Grand Duchess Sonja is going to use for the students in her German 201 and 202 language courses, during the coming school year.

The basic plot involves a young girl, who has just graduated from the German equivalent of high school and runs away to Berlin against her parents' wishes, to find that her boyfriend,who is already there, is cheating on her.
Hurt and angry, she then builds a group of weird friends and gets into all kinds of somewhat comedic misadventures. It’s kind of like an even more contrived version of Friends, but targeted at Germans in their late teens and early 20s.

I can’t tell if the series is just plain bad or, since I am now well passed that age, if it doesn’t resonate with me simply because I’m too old. Probably both. So, it’s back to the painting table in Zum Stollenkeller this evening for me! ;-)


Martin said...

Sounds like a red letter day all around. Congrats on your first published wargame article! (And in what I consider to be the finest publication of its kind! WOOF!)

Hope the Duchess makes a swift recovery. It has been the Markgraaf's experience that a happy Margravine makes for a happy Markgraaf! Hur, hur, hur!

Adik said...

Congratulation on receiving your first published wargaming article! How exciting! I read very good reviews of the magazine Battlegames, and i look forward to pick up one copy at Historicon, if i will find it around.
Thanks also for the recommendation for the Grant's book... I am tempted, very tempted... :-)
Best to the Duchess,


Bluebear Jeff said...


Congratulations on being published in BATTLEGAMES!

Unfortunately I'll have to wait a few weeks for my subscription copy to get here . . . but when it does, I'll read your article first!

Give my best to the Grand Duchess and I hope that she feels better very very soon.

-- Jeff

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

...I don't think there is anything finer than seeing your name in print in a recognised journal... it's only happened to me once (though I did get a letter published in Wargamers Newsletter once) and I still remember the thrill... well done!

A J Matthews said...

"A day to be marked with a white stone" as the Irish say. =) Well done for being published in such a fine magazine, and best wishes for Her Grace's swift recovery.

Fitz-Badger said...

Sorry your lady is under the weather. Get well soon to her!
Congratulations on the article. I am awaiting a recent purchase of a few back issues, plus this latest issue with your article.


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