21 June 2008

Latest RSM95 General and ADC Almost Finished!

The almost finished Zichenauer officers in situ: General Hermann von Kallweitschen hails his ADC Major Anders von Gedacht.

Judging by the grim look on his face, Gedacht must wonder just WHAT his foppish superior wants now. But he holds his tongue in the true manner of an officer and a gentleman.

Here, you can see that Gedacht's saddlecloth needs a bit of black lining to provide definition between the red and silver. It actually needs it on both sides.

Here, Genral von Kallweitschen holds forth on the proper deployment of light troops to the much more experienced Colonel O'Malley as Major von Gadacht looks on sternly. O'Malley and Gedacht are already fast friends and, no doubt, will have a good laugh about all of this over cigars and port later this evening.

You can also see that Kallweitschen needs his white shirt cuffs painted in and some black lining around the gold braid across his red vest if you look closely.

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