03 May 2008

You've simply got to check out these new figures from Huzzah Miniatures!

SYW Prussians on the march. . . Just a few of the new "old school" figures being offered by Huzzah Miniatures in Great Britain.

Well, it’s yet another blustery, grey, and wet day here in Central Illinois. Perfect for biding one's time down here in Zum Stollenkeller with the soldiers, paints, and shortwave radios. Seems that the lawn mower will have to wait until another day. ;-)

On that note – are you sitting down? – Allan, the man behind The Kingdom of Wittenberg blog, sent me a link this morning to a new venture in Great Britain, Huzzah! Miniatures. Briefly, it’s a brand new line of slender, correctly proportioned 30mm wargame figures dressed in accordance with mid-18th century uniform conventions. The figures certainly call the classic Spencer Smith miniatures to mind, as seen in The War Game and Charge!, but they have better detail and, indeed, a unique charm all their own. Prussian infantry has been covered already, including a mounted officer, with Austrians on the way.

Best of all, the figures are priced very reasonably even for those of us outside the United Kingdom. Apparently, one can purchase any amount of the figures, but they are also sold in lots of 48 and 60 at special prices, to comply with the rules and unit sizes outlined in the classic wargaming titles mentioned above and all at very modest rates. Advance orders are, apparently, being accepted.

But enough of my nattering on and on about this. Read the interesting thoughts behind this new Huzzah! Miniatures line yourself and take a look at some additional photos of them like the one I’ve included above at the blog set up to document the creation of this lovely new line of figures. Click on the following link to get there and be prepared to drool over the current offerings:


If that doesn’t work, you can also access the blog via the following link:


Fainlly, the latest issue of Battlegames, issue #12, just arrived with the mail a little while ago. If such a thing were possible, this looks to be the best issue yet. Every single article looks worthy of reading and rereading several times. It's as good if not better than those first issues of Miniature Wargames that captured my attention as a callow youth in the far off days of the early 1980s!

Jeeze Louise! All of this is almost too much excitement for one weekend. I think a couple of aspirin and return to bed for a spell are in order until my beleaguered imagination calms down a bit.


tradgardmastare said...

Super figures - many thanks for drwing them to our attention!

Bluebear Jeff said...


What is this nonsense about "going back to bed"?

Why there are figures to paint . . . and plans to make.

Very nice-looking figures by the way . . . perhaps just one pre-order?

-- Jeff

Stokes Schwartz said...

Hi Jeff,

It's just so hard to face the day after looking at all those wonderfully painted figures and reading all those well-written and interesting articles. ;-)


Andy Mitchell said...

Thanks for the heads up on those figures: if this becomes a trend for new figure ranges then all my wargames dreams are answered.

Stryker said...

They look pretty smart.
When will we see some more of your own handiwork?
Back to the Stollenkeller with you…

Der Alte Fritz said...

I just received my first shipment of Huzzah figures on Saturday. They are very nicely sculpted and I like them. They are about the same height as RSM figures and have a similar "heft" to them. I'm not sure that they will fit in with my larger Staddens and Potsdamers, but I will probably paint up my one unit anyway as IR3


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