26 May 2008

My Painting Fingers are Bloodshot!

All of red coats are FINALLY done with no mistakes to fix. Whew!

Here's one of Colonel O'Malley, his adjutant, and regimental sergeant major. You'll notice that the basic colors of his trusty steed have also been filled in

Ok, all of the red has now been painted in on the 1st (O’Malley’s Most Honorable) Grenzer Battalion. I don’t want to paint any more of this color for a while as much as I like it. Next up: brown musket stocks, tan shoulder belts, and white sword belts. Charge!


tradgardmastare said...

Keep up the good work - almost there...

Fitz-Badger said...

Looking good!

Martin said...

Hey Stokes,

Years from now you'll still be receiving compliments on such a sharp looking unit, and you will have forgotten how much effort went in to making them look so good. So set your brush on cruise control, and bask in their reflected glory.


Bluebear Jeff said...


In the first photo, notice how wonderful that depth of red looks against the green background.

These fellows will look wonderful on the tabletop.

-- Jeff

tidders said...


lovely shade of red; unit is looking good

-- Allan

Giles said...

Stokes - these already look stunning. Looking forward to seeing how good they are when finished!

Best wishes



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