06 May 2008

Just look at that Irish regiment!

After celebrating the birthday of the Grand Duchess yesterday (eternally 29!), I check Phil Olley’s War Cabinet this morning. . . and what do I see? Amazing updates for May 2008 to his growing Pils-Holstein collection. If you haven’t already, take a look here: http://www.warcabinet.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/.

Just look at that! Impressive isn’t quite the word to convey how neat Phil’s collection and architecture look so far. I'm eager to see what units might be added next. Especially pleasing to the eye is the latest addition – a regiment of “wild geese”, the Dillon Regiment.

Jeepers, I’ve got to get cracking on those RSM95 figures sitting behind me. Only half undercoated in black acrylic so far. But Phil’s Irish mercenaries inspire me to get back in the saddle and finish this step later in the evening. Then, all will be ready to proceed with the more interesting parts of the painting process.

For the record, my smaller battalion of RSMs (33 figures) will be painted as the Berwick Regiment depicted on the rear cover of Charge! – red coats with dark green facings and white gaiters basically. But in Zichenau’s army, this will pose as the 11th (Colonel O’Malley’s) Grenzer Battalion, a little known unit of wild geese that somehow passed from French service to the Electorate of Zichenau, largely unnoticed. Strangely, these same troops have also passed somehow from the annals of history as well!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Ah well, 'tis sad is it not, that such a brave band of men have slipped from the rolls of units that history recounts?

Hopefully their re-incarnation in Zum Stollenkeller will soon bring them back to the notice of military writers.

And belated birthday greetings to the charming Grand Duchess!

-- Jeff

Martin said...

Hey Stokes,

Well.... the "Wild Geese" were never very much at keeping up with the necessary paperwork. They were much too busy fighting and dying for other people's causes. Please post some pictures of the regiment in the various phases of being painted!

Oh! and by the way, those "Huzzah Miniatures" look pretty tasty! (Yum Yum) Thanks for the heads up.



Grimsby Mariner said...

Yes those are mighty fine fellows and painted by the talented Mark Allen too.

Perhaps there's room in my army for some Irish too? Oh the temptation....

Snickering Corpses said...

Birthday greetings to the Duchess as well!

I do look forward to seeing how your own regiment turns out. I nearly got out the paints this weekend, but got distracted by other more pressing matters.

Der Alte Fritz said...

Stokes: stop being such a slacker and get thee hence to the painting table. I want to see large masses of figures lined up on your painting table, as you have done so often in the past. I need my Stokes Fix!!!!! :)

johnpreece said...

Finally got around to catching up on yourlastfew blogs. Congratulations to be up and painting so soon.

I suspect the Huzzah miniatures will be a great range if you are wanting them to fit with RSM or the slightly smaller OS figures. Or of course a range in their own right.

I was absolutely thrilled and flattered to see that you have a photo of my figures as your screen saver. It seems quite a while ago now that we had all those figures out for the Sittangbad game.


Steve said...

Wild geese - now there's an idea - don't have any..... yet.... :o))

abdul666 said...

Wild Geese in the service of (seemingly Catholic?) Zichenau: perfectly fitting.
But now, do they really have to be merely a copycat of an historical unit? I know, half of the regiments in both 'Charge!' and 'The Wargame' were historical. But only half... What about the 'freedom of creativity' allowed by the venerable precedent of the other half? Zichenauers ere not historical Austrians, thus...


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