01 May 2008

Fresh Coffee Must Be Good for Headcolds.

Happy May 1st everyone! The headcold seems to be on the wane this morning, BBC World Service is online, and I’m enjoying a large mug of fresh, strong coffee in Zum Stollenkeller. The semester is just about over, the weather for today will be warm, and life seems pretty good at the moment.

Painting has, unfortunately, not been happening this week although I did get basecoat onto those RSM figures Sunday evening. Hopefully, this weekend will see me returning to the painting desk since we are supposed to have chilly temperatures and lots of rain, which plays havoc with bicycling and work in the backyard (“back garden” for UK and Commonwealth visitors).

Head congestion notwithstanding, I’ve been able to enjoy lots of great painting work via some of your blogs and the Old School Wargaming Yahoo group. It of course has got me thinking several months ahead about upcoming painting projects here in Stollen Central.

You might recall that I’ve got about 32 Revell plastic Prussian infantry in line to be painted as a pioneer battalion after the RSM’s are finished. Then, I think it will be time to tackle a cavalry regiment again. Thanks to some judicious purchases from PB Toys in Germany and Ebay, I have a load of Revell plastic Prussian hussars, which I clipped from their sprues and organized into at least three 30-figure regiments last winter. Though my first regiment of planned hussars will be more flamboyant than Von Belling’s hussars shown above, I thought that this was a suitably interesting illustration with which to liven up today’s post. Enjoy!


tradgardmastare said...

And a happy May day to you too! The hussars sound very interesting indeed and should look very impressive upon the wargames table.
Are you going to give us a sneak preview into some of the chapter headings or the themes of the OSW book you are writing?
best wishes
p.s the rain here in Scotland has been vile of late holding back the garden and our morale too.

Bluebear Jeff said...


My Saxe-Bearstein Hussars will be based upon the two uniforms of Hanover's von Luckner's Hussars.

The first was in green; the second white and red. Both, of course, had interesting laces and trimmings.

You should have fun in deciding what you want your three units to look like.

Will they have a common thread? Or will they all differ greatly?

Either choice would be good . . . you get to decide. Better yet, ask the Grand Duchess for her input on the matter.

Have fun and enjoy your coffee.

-- Jeff

Fitz-Badger said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better!
I haven't done much painting for a while (guests, hot weather, and other projects).


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