25 May 2008

Baden Powell it Ain't!

25/28mm Large Medieval Jousting Tent, available from Magister Militum.

Thank you everyone for your kind comments and encouragement regarding the red-coated Irish battalion of mercenaries that I’m in the middle of painting. That kind of thing always helps get one through some of the more taxing bits. I should be able to finish the red coats later this evening and get on to Colonel O’Malley’s horse and perhaps the brown musket stocks. Expect another photo or two shortly.

Now, there was a question posed here the other day about those brightly colored pavilion tents in the background of those last photographs posted. These were purchased in March 2007 from Magister Militum -- http://www.magistermilitum.com – and were, I believe, designed by the late Ian Weekley. The particular model I purchased was the “25/28mm Large Medieval Jousting Tent”. Among other things, Magister Militum offers a wide variety of cast resin tents, buildings, and fortifications that are suitable for a number of historical periods. The tents certainly add visual interest to any table top.

After gazing at the photos of the 2006 Sittangbad refight put on by The War Gamers at Partizan in the U.K., I contacted the delightful Phil Olley and asked where he found the tents pictured in Battlegames #4 and elsewhere on the web. I thought that my own imaginary forces needed similar tents to mark the headquarters of the French mercenary General Phillipe de Latté, fighting for the Electorate of Zichenau, and Grand Duke Irwin-Amadeus II, who leads his own army of The Grand Duchy of Stollen. Anyway, Phil very kindly got back to me in short order and directed me to Magister Militum online. And there you are.

The tents were fun and rapid to paint during January 2008, providing a nice (and needed) break from painting figures. When preparing to paint resin cast items, make sure to use a good basecoat before attempting to apply paint. I used my usual white artists’ acrylic gesso by Liquitex (two coats), which provided a very nice, bright surface for the yellow/purple and orange/blue, which are the basic Zichenauer and Stollenian colors. I’d also suggest washing any resin cast items you might purchase in soapy water first to get rid of any release agents, which make it difficult for your paint to adhere.

Normally, I prefer to make my own wargaming scenery and structures as many of you will no doubt remember. But round pavilion tents are a bit beyond my modeling skill, so in the case of these two items I felt an exception was warranted.

There was another question about the battalion of Revell 1/72 Prussians, standing at the ready behind the RSMs now in progress. Well, these are some of that draft of extras sent to me last fall by Bill McHenry in Texas. They will shortly become a unit of pioneers/sappers/engineers, organized according to the guidelines set out in my favorite old school book Charge! In honor of Bill's gift, their regimental title will be something like, "Freiherr Wilhelm's Ingenieure Battalion". . . or something like that.

I'm leaning toward painting these in mid-blue coats with either red or light blue facings, but nothing is carved in stone quite yet. Since my armies are imaginary, I regularly comb my Funken and Mollo books plus the net, looking for interesting color combinations on which I might base future uniforms. Of course there will be "some" uniformity in my armies, but for me it's all about model soldiers clad in brightly colored uniforms first and foremost. Ok, guess it’s time to stop chewing the fat and get back to those RSM95 figures. I’ve got four coats left to finish!


We had our first band rehearsal here in Zum Stollenkeller yesterday afternoon and worked on five songs: Be Bop A Lula, Hippy Hippy Shake, Lend Me Your Comb, Lonesome Tears in My Eyes, and Money (That's What I Want). And yes, the ol' throat still has it, allowing me to hit all the notes, something I was concerned about since I'm 20 years older and the voice more resonant than when I last did this kind of thing. Anyway, we didn't sound anywhere near great, but once in a while there was a faint glimmer of things starting to sound ok. Lots of work and several months of practice before we can even think of playing for an audience, but it was great fun all the same. More on this as things come together.


abdul666 said...

Cheers on all fronts!

Bluebear Jeff said...

What did the other band members think of your "toy soldiers"?

Any possible converts?

-- Jeff

tradgardmastare said...

thanks for the tent info - most useful indeed. I think I will recruit them for the late 15th century also...
p.s with enough tents at your diposal, is there any chance of Stollen's 18th century answer to Woodstock taking place?

tidders said...


thanks for the link to the site that sells tents

-- Allan


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