02 March 2008

SSM Cavalry Just about Done (Take a Look). . .

Here they are – the entire 30-figure regiment (28 Spencer Smiths + 2 Holger Erikssons). Except for a few minor touch-ups on the first two squadrons (to fix some rather odd looking legs) and a few of the white gauntlets, we have almost finished with the regiment. Today, I have arranged with the Grand Duchess for several hours of open time following a late breakfast, so I’ll be able to fix things in need of fixing and then apply a protective coat of Future floor polish.

Otherwise, I’m very pleased with the way these figures have turned out. Not the most detailed paint job I’ve ever completed, but (to paraphrase one Mr. John Preece) it’s not overly fussy and yet very pleasing in appearance. If you too are after an old-school appearance for your own 18th century armies, I’d heartily recommend Spencer Smith and Holger Eriksson figures. Not terribly detailed by modern standards, but en masse, you can’t argue with the effect. Plus they are similar in size to the RSM95 figures and a few others too. Enjoy!


Randy said...

Stokes, they look quite nice. Hopefully I will see them on a table sometime this year.


Andy Mitchell said...

I think you've done a first class job on those figures: that's a beautiful looking regiment. My one reservation is the bases which I think look a bit bland (bases are another fixation of mine atm).

A J Matthews said...

Excellent work, Stokes, a credit to your armies. I can echo the sentiments about Spencer Smith miniatures, having just completed my first regiment (the basing process is underway right now).

I can also vouch for the effectiveness of the Future floor polish ("Klear" brand in the UK). Not only does it do the same job as varnish, it dries much quicker and comes in much bigger bottles for a much cheaper price. =)

Martin said...

Hi Stokes

Wow! Outstanding job of painting. They look like they mean business. Anything in the works as far as a Regimental History, or as new recruits do they have yet to have their deeds of glory recorded?



rpardo said...

Very impressive in their black horses...

Bluebear Jeff said...


Good work, my friend. They look marvelous and I'm sure will do well in Der Stollenkeller.

How is your preparation for the move coming along . . . and when is the big day?

-- Jeff

Fitz-Badger said...

Excellent painting and great picture, as usual!
If I were to start over again I would be tempted to go the old school route with some minis like these.

Conrad Kinch said...

Hear hear! Well done Stokes!

There's a sense of achievement to finishing a unit, particularly cavalry, as they take so damn long.

I find myself lining them up and regarding them with all the pride of a colonel at a review.

Keep up the good work.

Der Alte Fritz said...

Fabulous looking eye candy you have there Stokes. You have really captured the look of Charge and The Wargame with the troops and the terrain. I tip my tricorn to you as you are an inspiration for the rest of us.

Snickering Corpses said...

They're looking wonderful, Stokes! Very impressive. I'm looking forward to seeing them on the table, as others have said.

MurdocK said...

Very old school look Stokes.

Looking forward to the "grand review" at the new home.

johnpreece said...

I like those a lot. The paint job is first class. I know from bitter experience that these figures look a lot easier to paint than they actually are.

I also love the lay out of the regiment. Just looking at it now, it occurs to me that a large regt like that could use a farrier at the rear with an axe ready to dispatch the dead and wounded horses and cut off a hoof to reclaim the money.

I think I feel a conversion coming on.

Stokes Schwartz said...

Thanks for all of your very kind feedback, everyone. These were fun figures to paint and a nice change from the more detailed RSM95's and Revell plastics. If the exchange rate between the US dollar and the UK pound was better, I'd be sorely tempted to order a big batch of SSM infantry, but that will have to wait for a while I'm afraid.

Besides, I have a nice pile of RSM's and Revell figures waiting in the wings for painting, so. . . As I get older, the tendency to say "when" seems to be easier than when I was a callow youth! ;-)

Yes, the green bases are a bit plain, but I've gone for a very old school appearance here -- as I have with all of the figures I've painted for the Grand Duchy of Stollen project over the last year. and a half.

Packing for out imminent move is progressing well. And I might be able to at least get some artist's acrylic gesso on those 32 or so RSM French musketeers you've seen in earlier photos here. The actually painting -- the fun part -- will probably be delayed until the second half of April, following our move and setting up house in the new digs.

May is when things will get back to normal somewhat. The spring semester will end, and although I'll teach a May Term film course, there will be lots more time for important things like bicycling, painting, and mowing our new lawn. I can't wait!

Best Regards,


Giles said...


They look magnificent - very well done. Decent sized cavalry regiments are something I miss about the AWI....

Good luck with packing!



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