07 January 2008

The Grand Duchess Hits Another Home Run

Here is a photo of the wonderful Rosca de Reyes (next to a fresh pot of coffee) that the Grand Duchess Sonja prepared yesterday afternoon. It’s basically a sweet eggbread that is similar to Stollen but lighter and moister. It’s sort of the Mexican version of Stollen, typically enjoyed around January 6th, to celebrate the coming of the Three Kings, following the birth of Jesus.

Bakeries all over Mexico sell Rosca de Reyes in different sizes, and many Latino groceries in the USA take orders in early January. Fortunately, we neglected to place an order with our local Latino grocery store, so Sonja whipped out her new Latin American and Caribbean cookbook and got busy. Both of us remarked later that the result was even nicer than what we’ve had previously in Mexico.

And the humorous side to all of this is. . . While we enjoyed the first pieces with coffee in the living room, ‘Rannveig’ the cat suddenly appeared with frosting on her whiskers and face. I suspect that she was closely inspecting (and perhaps sampling?) the Rosca, which was left to cool on the kitchen table after the photo was taken. Needless to say, poor Sonja will not be having any more of her Rosca. As for me, well, you know. It just looks too good to throw away, so. . . ;-)


tradgardmastare said...

Any chance of the receipe for this Mexican Stollen - sounds fascinating !
I read your E v E message more carefully (whoops!) and now realise where to send my thoughts.

Bluebear Jeff said...

It does look delicious.

-- Jeff

Bluebear Jeff said...


I showed the photo to my wife . . . and she too would like the recipe.

Would the Grand Duchess consent to your posting her recipe? I'm sure that my bride would not be the only one to appreciate it.

-- Jeff


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