10 December 2007

This could become habit forming!

Yesterday was another lovely, cloudy winter’s day with some snow on the ground and ice in the trees. There was ice all over the ground too, which made walking outside hazardous! So, it was best to stay inside and observe it all from the warmth of the breakfast table where the Grand Duchess and I had another late breakfast.

Nevertheless, we braved the elements for a 3PM Christmas concert on the nearby Illinois Wesleyan University campus, followed by a housewarming party given by the featured singer, a close friend and colleague of Sonja’s. We stayed for about an hour, returning home early because we had some work to take care of – Sonja is grading a bunch of student papers while I’m writing some case studies for a client.

The day ended on an especially cheery note with the arrival of the student carolers about 8PM – about 20 young men and women, who serenaded us with several Christmas classics from the front lawn of our old building as we listened through an open window of our third floor apartment/flat.
And just like this same weekend last year, it was a joyful way to lead into the Christmas season. On top of everything, I managed to squeeze in a little time to work on the soldiers too. What a nice weekend it's been!

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tradgardmastare said...

It was torrential rain rather than snow - proceeded by sleat. Oh for the snow of my youth. Tonight is very cold and frosty with a clear sky. A beautiful early morning walk to the train station is on the cards tomorrow.


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