26 December 2007

Looks like my work is cut out for me. . .

As my Grandfather used to say many, many years ago, “Happy Day After!” He then toasted us with his usual scotch and water on ice.

The last couple of days have indeed been great days here at Stollen central. First, issue #10 of Battlegames arrived with the mail on Christmas Eve. Early perusals reveal that it’s another triumph filled with all kinds of interesting stuff. I look forward to examining the magazine more closely in bed this evening.

Even better, guess what was waiting under the Christmas tree yesterday morning? Not only did the Grand Duchess Sonja have 80 RSM95 Prussian fusiliers (men, officers, NCOs, and a mounted colonel), carefully disguised in a Famous Barr shirt box, but her parents Nan and Dave sent more than 30 RSM French musketeers in the firing pose along with officers, NCO’s, and a mounted colonel! I was so overcome with surprise and joy that I was simply without words for quite some time.

To say that the RSM figures are lovely is an understatement. The Prussian fusiliers resemble the grenadiers in pose, stature, and equipment. I’m already planning ahead to paint them in white coats with some kind of colorful facings and smallclothes plus the beautiful fusilier caps. The French musketeers are in the firing pose and resemble the red-coated “Willie” Irish troops shown on the front and rear covers of Charge! So much so, that they will be painted in the same or similar uniforms, depending on how well I can discern uniform details. Sigh. It looks like I’ve got my work cut out for the next several months. Life is just so unfair sometimes! ;-)

Best of all, the Grand Duchess Sonja and I had a lovely day together that included many nice gifts, telephone conversations with family members across the country and internationally, a brisk walk in the late afternoon past a house on which we might make an offer, and too much delicious Christmas dinner. We followed with starting a puzzle together on the coffee table. It was a very special time. As I told Sonja over dinner yesterday evening, one of the many reasons I like December so much is that this was the time of year, seven years ago, when I first realized that my feelings for Sonja were turning into something more than simple friendship. So, this time of year is always special when it comes around.

Ok, now it’s back to those Spencer Smith cavalry over on the painting table, ‘cause we’ve got a small battle coming up tomorrow. See you then!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Might I suggest that you ask your wonderful bride what color of trim she'd like to see on the figures she gave you?

Another thought . . . while the Grand Duchess already has a unit named after her, perhaps this latest unit might bear her maiden name (if that works).

I know that I appreciate my lady wife's support for my hobby; and I'm sure that you do as well.

Bless them!

-- Jeff

MurdocK said...

Happy times!

Keep that brush warm!


Steve said...

What a brilliant day! I'm almost jealous.... :o)))

tradgardmastare said...

Sounds a super day - hope the battle goes well too !

Mike The Critic said...

My my! That's quite the line that has formed up outside the recruiting tent, hasn't it? I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jealous, as I got absolutely ZERO new figs for Christmas this year...Of course, I have hordes of stuff on the 'have not painted yet' pile, so that may be a mixed blessing...

Snickering Corpses said...

Such an excellent set of arrivals, and loads to look forward to.

I'll also take a moment to give a hearty "awwww" to why this time of year is special to you. :)

tidders said...

What excellent Xmas prezzies

Happy New Year to you

-- Allan

tidders said...

What a excellent Xmas prezzies

Happy painting

-- Allan

Fitz-Badger said...

You are blessed indeed! With new figures to paint and loved ones to cherish.

I didn't receive any minis (I'll just have to order some for myself), but did get some good books, and more importantly got to spend the holidays with my sweetheart and enjoyed a white Christmas for a change.


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