11 December 2007

Here's another neat nutcracker. . .

Gentlemen, it’s official – I am caught up in the Christmas spirit! Time to set aside my usual veneer of cynicism and pessimism for a few weeks and treat myself, along with everyone else ;-), to a rather more jolly spirit than is usually the case. With my unabashedly joyous feeling in mind, here’s another wonderful example of a nutcracker. Enjoy!

Today’s schedule will include reading several student papers, tallying of final grades, along with a few errands this afternoon, and maybe some time on my bike (indoors, of course). After dinner, the Grand Duchess will attend her weekly yoga session, so I will have a couple of hours for continuing work on the Spencer Smiths.

I’ve also got to prepare 13 Revell 1/72 plastic artillery crew and an officer’s horse in a jar of vinegar and quickly assemble two 25mm MiniFig cannon. If I get into high gear, I might be able to get enough finished for my first imaginary 18th century battle just after Christmas when things calm down just a bit – The Action at Zollamt Bridge. The planned scenario will be based loosely on Young and Lawford’s Battle of Blasthof Bridge but with a few of my own additions/twists. Stay tuned for the continuing details and photos!

1 comment:

Bluebear Jeff said...

Aha! I look forward to reading about this "action" and to seeing the pictures too.

Pete and I will be taking a crack at Grant's Table Top Teaser #3 this evening if all goes well.

-- Jeff


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