05 December 2007

Hard at Work on SSM/HE Cavalry

The first dozen Spencer Smith (three are Holger Eriksson, in fact) are ready for basecoating! And lovely figures they are too after the mold lines have been trimmed away carefully. It does take a little while though, about 15-20 minutes per figure. And yes, I have stuck the modeling knife into a finger or two along the way. Ouch! Fortunately, the resulting injuries have not bee too awful. Oh, how we suffer for our craft!

I awoke to a light dusting of snow outside this morning. Funny how something so simple can make everything look and seem so magical all of the sudden. And the Advent Elves have visited too, leaving a gingerbread house kit for my wife, the Grand Duchess Sonja, by her place at the breakfast table. Can Christmas be far off I wonder?


guy said...

These look splendid figures. A blessed relief to do some cavalry after all those grenadiers. I look forward to seeing them painted.

I am nearing completion of my 2 regiments of Austrian Revel draggons - 32 figures in each and some staff officers. I am trying to find where I can buy some of those swallow tailed guidions from. I cut off the plastic flags and added metal poles and finials.The dragoons have an aggreeable contrasting uniform to add to the seried ranks of white.

As Alte Fritz said, happy Leuthen day.


MurdocK said...

Keep those elves busy!

Leave notes for your troop needs in all their favourite hiding places.


A J Matthews said...

Good luck with the painting. I'm placing an order for some Spencer Smith and Holger Eriksson figures tomorrow. I notice you have the cavalry officer with sword upraised. I'm getting this model too. It's a lovely figure, full of dash. ;)

Stokes Schwartz said...

Thank you, men! Yes, Guy. . . a nice break from the serried ranks of plastic grenadiers. Never fear, Murdock. I left some pretty heavy hints weeks and weeks ago, so we'll what Santa Claus/Father Christmas leaves this year. A.J., a wonderful choice you've made there. Enjoy them when they arrive!

Best Regards,


Bluebear Jeff said...


I suspect that you will be enjoying the change-of-pace with these horsemen.

With luck the kind Grand Duchess may have passed some of those "hints" on to the man in red.

Be sure to let us know.

-- Jeff

tidders said...

I'm sure they'll look nice when done, keep up the good work



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