22 November 2007

For Jean-Louis: Some Zichenauer Uniforms

Above: Ermland Garde zu Fuss

Above: 9th (Prinz Wilhelm's) Infantry

Above: Provisional Regiment (Allied infantry from Pillau Zerbst and Pillau-Reuss)

Above: Von Auflauf Frei Battalion

Above: Wolmar-Bock Regiment (Independent Company)

Above: Goetterfunken Hussars

Above: Von Schlachtenbummler's Dragoons

Above: Garde zu Pferd


Bluebear Jeff said...

Lots of great uniforms here. I'm not sure which would be my favorite, but my lady wife likes your Von Schlachtenbummler's Dragoons the best.

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

As enjoyable as, and 'accurately' different from, those of Stollen!

Snickering Corpses said...

*grins* Pink and purple. A familiar color combination. :>

abdul666 said...

"Allied infantry from Pillau Zerbst and Pillau-Reuss": may I conclude that the contingents from Tauroggen-Fiebus and Werben-Steinau *could* wear a *slightly* different uniform?
The 2 'Pillau' are similar enough in name & flag to share the same uniform
(engraving on buttons don't appear at that scale!).


abdul666 said...

P.S. re. the "Allied infantry from 'Die fünf Provinzen'": in Zolms
contingents from different Counties were at first distinguished by the color of the collar...


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