22 November 2007

For Jean-Louis: Planned Stollenian Uniforms

Above: Von Hanzelwicz's Cuirassiers

Above: Turducken (Von Haubitzke's) Hussars

Above: Von Hildebeitel's Regiment (Allied regiment from Werben-Steinau)

Above: 15th (Von Flickenhoffer's) Fusiliers (Allied regiment from Tauroggen-Fiebus with pink facings/turnbacks)

Above: 4th Sappers


Snickering Corpses said...

I'll be really interested to see the Sappers actually, when they're done. I'm probably going to be using some of those Austrians you sent me to form a sapper battalion of my own.

abdul666 said...

I support the "pink facings /turnbacks" for the 5th (Von Flickenhoffer's) Fusiliers regiment from Tauroggen-Fiebus: currently (with white) they look very 'Insurgents of the AWI'; not that I dislike the uniform, but with pink it will be far more 'original' / 'characteristic'.

Even if the drummers wera 'reversed colors' they would look 'decent': think that among the Napoleonic French cavalry in green, among dragoons, chasseurs and chevau-legers, some regiments had pink facings, and the trumpeters wore 'reversed colors': pink with green facings is the 'awful' combination always quoted as 'what creators of Imagi-Nations would NOT do'!


A J Matthews said...

Excellent designs, Stokes! As Jean-Paul says, pink can be a dangerous color to deal with, but I think it'll work fine with von Flickenhoffer's regiment. As for sappers... hmm! I knew there was something missing from my own OrBat.


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