01 November 2007

Almost There with Third Batch of Zichenauer Infantry

Top: A shot of the entire regiment from above.

Middle: Another photo, this time of the third company specifically.

Bottom: And the line just stretches off into the distance. . . Irwin-Amadeus and the Stollenian army should be more than a littleconcerned!

I finally got some time to sit down this evening and finish the purple breeches on the third company of Zichenauer infantry – “The Newts”. All that remains now are the silver musket barrels, officer’s spontoon, and bronze retaining hoops that held the musket barrels to the stocks. With any luck, I can finish those steps tomorrow or on Saturday and the begin the fourth and final batch on Sunday. And now, to bed. Goodnight gentlemen!


tidders said...

Nearly three quartes of the way through - keep going - their looking good.

I'm glad my battalions are only about30figs in size.

-- Allan

MurdocK said...

Do you feel the rush of completion coming on?

Der Alte Fritz said...

One of these days, you will have to post a picture of EVERYTHING that you have painted so far for this project.

Stokes Schwartz said...

Fritz -- Have no fear! It's in the cards for Christmas break when I'll have a small battle based on one of Charles Grant's scenarios in The War Game.

Murdock -- Yes, I am really hot to get cracking on the fourth and final batch of figures for this regiment. The thought of those 30 or so Spencer Smith cavalry waiting in the wings keeps me going. I've got to finish these before moving to those. :-(

Allan -- 30-man regiments are cool too! But I sometimes think I must be loony to take on and keep going with a project like this. Do GW acrylic paints have fumes that can drive one crazy? Ah, could be

Best Regards to All,


Fitz-Badger said...

Impressive output as always!

It's all I can do to paint up around 12 minis at a time, with breaks in between for characters and such to keep it interesting.

guy said...

I look forward to seeing your forthcoming battle.

I'm having a break from the Prussian infantry so over the weekend started preparing 2 regiments of Revell Austrian dragoons for painting. My cavalry are formed in regiments of 32 figures each. They will take a bit of time to finish.

Then became sidetracked by the splendid kettledrummer on alte fritz's blog and tried to convert one from the trumpter figure in the Revell 1806 prussian cuiracier box. Swopped the head, added a raised drummers arm and made the kettledrums from two infantry drums, shaved down and putty. I will paint him up and see what he looks like.



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