01 October 2007

Yet another "Old School" book to read. . . Oh, the pain!

The last week has been kind of quiet here in the Grand Duchy of Stollen. Too many student papers to read/mark and company from out of town for a few days meant that it was difficult to get any painting time in during the evenings. But, it hasn't been a complete loss here either. . .

Another wonderful little book arrived in a short while ago -- Introduction to Battle Gaming (1969) by Terry Wise. A brief once over reveals what looks to be like lots of interesting reading and plenty of black and white illustrations to peruse too.

Best of all, the copy I received is in "Like New" condition and was had for less than $20US! Can you believe it? All I can figure is that the bookseller was not aware of what he had, because I've seen copies of this little gem elsewhere for a heck of a lot more than that!

And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, the latest issue of Battlegames was also in the same batch of mail today. So, this evening will be very full indeed after some more painting and a progress photo or two right here. Good thing that the Grand Duchess has a conference paper to finish for an upcoming trip to Toronto, so my conscience shouldn't hurt too much! ;-)


Bluebear Jeff said...

It is so nice when you get a nice buy like that.

I know that I've been extremely lucky in a few finds.

My hardbound copy of "Charge" was only $4 in a used bookstore because someone had "highlighted" the rules and it lacked the dust jacket.

I got my copy of "The War Game" (complete with dust cover) for $7.50 from a fellow who was clearing out his books about 20 years back.

And I got the Peter Young "The War Game" (about various battles) for $6 in another used bookstore. No dust jacket, but in great condition.

I doubt that very many others have grabbed these for less. . . . Now if I could just find Featherstone's "Solo Wargaming" or the Funcken's "Lace Wars" guides for decent prices . . . *sigh*.

I've never come across them in used bookstores, but as I say, sometimes one can find gems.

-- Jeff

guy said...

Well done. I always greatly enjoyed Terry Wise's books and columns. He wrote a wargaming column in the late 1970's early 80's called Observation Post in Military Modelling magazine which eventually was taken over by Stuart Asquith. I believe he went on to run a book shop in Yorkshire.

I always rummage in the book boxes at charity fairs etc in the hope of finding a treasure. I have been fortunate in finding a few over the years but I am still seeking Don Featherstone's Campaign book. I know it is out there!


Giles said...

What an amazing diorama! I love these old books.



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